Onboarding: Nailing Your New Hire’s First Week

Onboarding for a new hire's first week at Addison Group

While it’s great you’ve filled a position in your company, you have to make sure you onboard your new hire the right way to ensure all your hard work isn’t done in vain. For both you and your new employee, their first week is one of the most important. Learn where to direct your focus when your new hire is getting up and running during their initial week with these three tips:

1. Set a Solid New Hire Foundation

Before your new employee steps into the office for their first day, send a welcoming email that lets them know what to look forward to on their first day/week. Also, send over any necessary new-hire paperwork in advance so you can both hit the ground running.

Also, make sure your current team is informed on who is starting and when they’re expected. Fill them in on the role they will be performing, who they’ll be working with, and more. This puts everyone on the same page and reduces confusion and wasted time, which can rub new employees the wrong way and give a bad impression.


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2. Show Your Company Culture

Company culture is important to many people, so make sure yours shows. Explain what your company culture is like – values, dress code, short and long-term goals, the company’s history, and what makes your products or services unique. While employees certainly want to put their skills to the test, move up in their career, and get paid what they’re worth, there’s nothing better than knowing you’re working for a company whose values align with your own.

3. Establish Lines of Communication with New Hire’s

Employees must know who to reach out to for information regarding payroll, IT, their department manager, and other key contacts. This information saves time and prevents frustration and confusion. However, if not contained, this can result in employees rethinking their decision to work for your company. It’s a good idea to send them over all important contacts in an email or letter, so they can refer back to it as needed in those first few weeks of employment.

Ensuring your new hires have a positive first week is essential to setting them up for success at your company. Still in the process of finding candidates for open positions? Addison Group can help! With more than 20 years of experience, we’ve been connecting clients with candidates who can grow your business. Connect with us today!


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