Call to Action: Addison Group Fills 35+ Digital Marketing Roles for Rapidly Growing Healthcare Org

Addison Group fills 35+ Digital Marketing Roles


One of the nation’s leading healthcare organizations was scaling fast, opening multiple clinics in the Houston area. The demand for digital marketing and IT talent experienced a corresponding surge, prompting the organization to intensify its hiring efforts for these pivotal roles. Unfortunately, their initial attempts to fill these positions proved unsuccessful, necessitating a strategic shift in their approach.


This rapidly growing organization required digital marketing talent with varying degrees of technical skills, from web developers to maintain and update their website, to high-level management positions—over 35 roles in total needed to be filled quickly. Initial collaboration with various staffing firms yielded a “fill-the-hole” approach, resulting in significant attrition as candidates failed to integrate effectively. Reflecting on this challenge, the organization identified a common thread — despite robust technical proficiency, many candidates lacked the crucial cultural fit required for a cohesive team environment.

Recognizing the imperative for a transformative approach, the organization turned to Addison Group for help. Addison’s engagement went beyond recruitment to include the critical aspects of cultural fit and talent retention.


Addison Group started the engagement by immersing themselves in the client’s organization. By learning the ins and outs of the culture, Addison could provide candidate recommendations with precision.

The Addison team dedicated time to engage with hiring managers, delving into their work style, personalities, and expectations. Prioritizing genuine conversations over electronic communication, the team connected directly with potential candidates. This approach facilitated a profound comprehension of both the client’s and candidates’ goals, visions, and styles. As a result, Addison was able to make successful and enduring cultural matches.

Amid the organization’s rapid expansion, Addison recruited and retained over 35 contract and permanent digital marketing roles, often presenting top candidates within an impressive 24-hour timeframe. Notably, contractors placed by Addison remained committed throughout their projects, with many transitioning to full-time positions. The permanent placements sourced by Addison have not only flourished in their roles but have also been instrumental in contributing to the overall success of the organization.

The Addison Difference

Addison Group’s hands-on approach and deep pool of top talent made them a crucial player in ensuring the smooth, efficient, and timely growth of the client. As a result, the client phased out any competing staffing firms. They partner with Addison Group exclusively for all their talent needs as they continue to open and staff new locations.

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