2024 Workforce Planning Guide

Take your 2024 talent strategy to the next level

Be prepared with the latest employment trends, strategies, and geographic/role-specific salary guidance. 

Addison Group’s 2024 Workforce Planning Guide prepares you with essential compensation data and industry trends as well as sector-specific insights for Healthcare, Finance & Accounting, Human Resources, Administrative, Information Technology, and Digital Marketing that you need to know when developing your talent strategy.  

Addison Group’s 2024 Workforce Planning Guide shares key trends, guidance, and strategies related to: 

  • National Workforce Trends
  • Hiring: From Red Hot to Cool Down 
  • Remote Work Rewind 
  • New Approaches to Incentives
  • Aging Workforce Boom and Bust
  • AI is Ready to Transform Work
  • Detailed Role-Specific Salary Data

Here's how to plan for what's next