Global Firm Taps Addison Group for HR and Administrative Support

Addison Group Empowers Global Cash Handling Firm's Rapid Growth with Exceptional HR and Administrative Support

One of the world’s leading cash-handling firms partners with Addison Group to build their Human Resources and Administrative teams to meet their rapidly growing needs.

The Client’s Challenge: An Unmanageable Workload

With a service network of nearly 200 operating locations throughout the United States and Puerto Rico, the client struggled to maintain workforce levels to meet the growing demands of their Houston, Texas headquarters. There simply weren’t enough team members to cover the workload, leaving everyone including managers and the C-level overwhelmed.

The Addison Solution: Providing HR and Administrative Support

Addison Group’s HR/Admin team quickly recognized the client’s urgent need for talented recruiter candidates. We met with the client to learn their candidate requirements – recruiters with at least two years’ field operations recruiting experience. Tapping into our talent pool, our team quickly presented and placed five recruiters to scale their teams and alleviate the workload.

After experiencing Addison’s efficiency and commitment to quality on the recruiting project, the client returned looking for urgent C-level administrative support.  The client had an Executive Assistant set to start to support their CEO. At the last minute, the EA withdrew from the position. With the critical importance an EA plays to a CEO, the client was looking to fill the role immediately. Addison’s HR/Admin team again met with the client to understand the CEO’s requirements – minimum five years’ experience in an international company and a degree. In less than 48 hours, the Addison team had presented the winning candidate. Nearly a year later, the talented EA is someone the entire team depends on to keep things moving.

The Addison Difference: Efficiency At Its Finest

Beyond taking job orders and flooding the client with “potential” matches, our team met with them to understand their needs. In doing so, they saved the client time and money by only presenting talent that exceeded their needs and fit their culture.

The client has since expanded their relationship with Addison across multiple offices throughout the country. Addison’s focus on quality candidates, responsiveness, and personal touch earned us the role of the client’s primary provider of Human Resources/ Administrative and IT talent solutions.

With more than 20 years of experience, a nationwide reach, a network of millions of qualified professionals, and sector-specific expertise, Addison Group efficiently finds the in-demand talent that fits your unique company needs. Connect with us today!

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