Custom Talent Solutions Lead to Robotics Firm Acquisition

Addison Group's targeted custom talent solutions lead to robotics firm acquisition

A robotics company in the northeastern United States was seeking a Corporate Controller to lead the expansion and growth of their business. A recommendation from a former client to seek out custom talent solutions led to the long-term partnership between Addison Group and the company’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

Go Public or Acquisition?

The fast-growing robotics company was looking to either go public or be acquired. In either case, it needed to strengthen its accounting capabilities. To do so, the company needed a partner to help them rapidly scale with talent that fit the company’s culture.

Focused Custom Talent Solutions

When recruiting for the Corporate Controller role, Addison understood that the candidate should have experience in well-established working environments and a clear understanding of successful accounting practices. Additionally, the candidate needed experience in high-growth companies and a strong foundation in building new reporting structures and implementing accounting systems.

Addison successfully placed a candidate who met these criteria. They had a proven track record of growth and taking a former company public and establishing financial department reporting functions.

A year later, the Corporate Controller and robotics company approached Addison Group, seeking assistance in building an internal team to support their organization’s growth. Addison was chosen as the exclusive talent provider for this initiative.

During the planning stage, Addison and the client identified critical components for scaling the business, including high-priority profiles, job responsibilities, and roles. They also established multiple hiring waves with associated timelines. The client required candidates with technical expertise in project-based environments.

Addison searched for Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) with non-traditional career paths who had experience in project-based accounting. Addison identified skill sets and pinpointed the companies and industries where candidates with these skills could be found.

A Successful Acquisition

During the team-building process, the client was acquired by a large retail company. The talent placed by Addison, such as the Director of Cost Accounting, played a significant role in the acquisition process. Addison’s success in establishing the cost accounting department contributed to a better than expected acquisition price, as most retail companies don’t typically have this function in their operations.

Why Addison Group?

The company chose Addison Group based on personal relationships, starting with a referral from a former client and an established sense of trust and confidence in Addison Group’s ability to fulfill its talent needs. The company has continued to work with Addison Group since the initial placement of the Corporate Controller, reaching out for subsequent hiring needs.

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