Driving EBITDA Quickly, Post Acquisition

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While most private equity acquisitions are relatively straightforward, things are seldom as painless as they seem. The hard part is trying to leverage the synergies between companies during the investment strategy roll-out.  After laying the groundwork for a successful post-acquisition integration and enterprise resource management implementation, the next step is to drive the Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization (EBITDA) growth as quickly as possible. To ensure that your EBITDA strategy delivers the effectiveness and the market advantages that your investors are expecting, focus on the following concepts to help you through the process:

Automate Manual Processes

If you want to grow your business in the next few years, you may find that sustaining certain human-intensive methods are illogical.  Instead, automate manual processes with an Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP). Automating workflows can reduce the administrative overhead, saving you money that you can apply elsewhere. Start by determining how and why certain processes emerged. Once you understand the “how and why,” it will be easier to utilize the ERP’s automated workflow capabilities.

Integrate Systems for Efficiency

As businesses grow, they often acquire independent point solutions for different methods, including sales, warehouse management, financial management, and e-commerce. Some of these systems may be held together by employees moving data from one system to another and fixing errors manually.  By integrating with an ERP, you can be much more efficient. Initial integrations should be focused on the high volume or manually intensive operations due to the high cost and complexity.


Most companies that fail to meet their objectives during an ERP implementation, have not sufficiently set the stage for integration. By carefully planning the ERP implementation with focus and direction, you can be far more successful. 

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