One Day: How Long Addison Group Took to Find Critical IT Role After Client’s DIY Efforts Fail

Addison Group hires a critical IT role for a company

A Property and Casualty (P&C) insurance company was struggling to find a highly specialized, critical IT role to expand their operations.

Challenge: Finding Critical IT Role with a Niche Skillset

An Arizona-based P&C insurance company was in need of an IT architect with a niche skillset to support their organization. The company felt it was important to find a candidate with a background in P&C insurance, who understood quoting, policy issuance, and rate calculations. Additionally, this role would act as a liaison between their in-house team and their contracted external support team. After several unsuccessful months of searching independently, the client turned to Addison Group to find candidates who both fit the company culture and had the necessary qualifications for this highly specialized role.

Solutions: Critical IT Role Secured

Addison Group started the engagement by first spending time with the client to understand their unique goals and challenges as well as this role’s intended impact on their organization. With a solid understanding of the client’s goals and the ideal candidate profile, Addison Group tapped its extensive network of recruiters and talent to quickly identify strong candidates. That very same day, Addison found a qualified candidate for the role and two additional candidates matching the niche profile.

Throughout the project, the Addison team maintained tight communication with the client to ensure alignment on candidate feedback and overall strategy.

The Addison team thoroughly assessed candidates, not only for technical qualifications, but also for cultural fit to be sure that the role would be a strong fit for both parties. Seeing an opportunity to expand the talent pool and attract the in-demand talent, Addison advised changes to the client’s proposed budget. These measures contributed to the quick identification of potential candidates, including the individual chosen for the role.

Once on board, the selected candidate – now an employee of the company – quickly determined that the outsourced support team was not performing to expectations and subsequently removed them in favor of building an in-house team.

The trust built during the initial project and the results delivered led the client and the Addison-placed IT Architect to partner again with Addison Group for help building their new in-house development team.

The Addison Difference: Going Above and Beyond to Understand the Role Needed

At Addison Group, our approach is unique. We always invest time up front to understand our client’s business goals and develop relationships that foster transparency and trust. As a result, our clients view us as an extension of their business. Our innate understanding of both the client and candidates’ goals leads us to lasting matches every time.

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