Healthcare Org in Oklahoma Partners With Addison Group To Staff Major Implementation

Addison Group partners with Healthcare organization

A major healthcare organization in Oklahoma achieves seamless software implementation with Addison Group’s Talent Solutions.

The Client’s Challenge: Lack of Support

A major healthcare organization in Oklahoma faced a significant challenge when it embarked on an extensive software implementation project. With over 11,000 employees, they lacked a strong team infrastructure to ensure the smooth execution of the project across the organization. They partnered with Addison Group, a renowned talent solutions firm to meet this challenge.

The Addison Solution: Finding Highly Skilled Healthcare Professionals

Over the course of three years, the healthcare organization collaborated closely with Addison Group to support their EPIC implementation, which successfully went live on June 1, 2023. Recognizing the urgency for high-quality contractors, Addison Group tapped into its vast talent pool. In doing so, they provided over 50 contractors with varying experience. Some contractors were onboarded within weeks, while others were ready to work within a day. The contracted positions included Meditech/NPR Report Writers and Developers, EDI Developers, Project Managers, and more than a dozen other positions. Most contractors supported all levels of End User Devices, managed over 20 employees, and displayed flexibility in their working hours.

Addison facilitated the hospital-required onboarding process for selected contractors, going above and beyond by providing a third-party background checker. This expedited the onboarding process significantly, reducing the time from six weeks to just one. The background checker ensured compliance with all testing requirements, including TB testing and drug screens, enabling the contractors to start working ahead of schedule while meeting all necessary medical compliance standards.

The Addison Difference: Getting Chaos Under Control

The software implementation was a resounding success thanks to the partnership with Addison Group. The healthcare organization’s leadership team, including the Chief Information Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Vice President, and EPIC project management team overseeing Addison’s candidates, expressed satisfaction with the quality of contractors provided. Addison’s placements played a pivotal role in ensuring a smooth go0live event for EPIC, cementing the success of the implementation. The contractors supplied their recent EPIC by Addison exhibited a strong work ethic, willingly working various shifts (24/7) and overtime when needed, and remained flexible in their job duties to fulfill the engagement. Addison Group proactively understood and met these requirements, only recommending candidates who matched the organization’s specific needs.

The success of the collaboration has led to a growing partnership between the healthcare organization and Addison Group. Over the years, Addison successfully placed over 100 candidates for this client, demonstrating an ongoing commitment to delivering exceptional talent and driving positive outcomes for our partners.

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