Best Practices for Post Interview Thank You Notes

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Though the hiring landscape has changed significantly as a result of emerging technologies, there are certain guidelines that will likely never go out of style. One of the most critical is sending follow up thank you notes to the people who conducted the interview. That being said, job seekers should not just send any thank you note. There are several important considerations when it comes to crafting the perfect communication. Looking for a few tips and tricks on how to leave a memorable last impression? Check out our list below:

Be on time, but not early

While it is important to be prompt in sending a thank you note or email, sending one too early can be as bad as sending too late, as it may be perceived as half-hearted or lacking personalization. Thank you notes should be sent within 24 hours, but no sooner than several hours after the interview.

Keep it brief

Be specific and concise in your communication – while a thank you note should touch on key topics and make references to the interview, it is important to avoid over-explanation.  A thank you note should not exceed a few paragraphs.

Hit three key points

Each thank you note should include the following, and typically in this order:

  1. A note of thanks for taking time to conduct the interview
  2. A recap of your skills and what makes you the right fit for the position
  3. A reiteration of your interest in the company

Edit, edit again, and find a third set of eyes

Arguably the most important factor in crafting a good thank you note is spelling and grammar. No matter how short your thank you note, you can never proofread it enough. Be sure to check the spelling of the interviewer’s name, and triple check your grammar and punctuation. Getting an extra set of eyes to give your note a once over is the best way to ensure there are no errors.

Sending thank you notes certainly shouldn’t be over complicated, but it is important for job seekers to follow the simple tips above in order to make the most of their final communication with an organization. A thank you note is in many ways a reflection of one’s professionalism, and should be crafted with that in mind.

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