Swimming with Sharks: Add the Right Talent to Your Team

Shark Awareness Day Blog

We’ve all seen “Shark Tank” on TV or while binging Netflix (a new favorite quarantine activity), and chances are, many of us have aspired to be just like them. Who wouldn’t, right? They’re rich and extremely successful, leading their industries and capturing the attention of the world while they do so. 

What’s better than just being a shark, though? Creating a team and developing a culture around sharks. As a hiring manager, your strongest asset is your team, so keep an eye out for the following qualities in your candidates to know when you’ve found a true “shark.” 

Better yet, take the guess-work out and let an Addison Group professional find the perfect shark to join your team.

1. They have an optimistic outlook

This is a great quality that anyone can have, but it is very useful in a professional setting. This quality exudes people being excited and passionate about their jobs. This leads to people seeing the silver lining in an unfortunate situation or having a positive demeanor towards everyday tasks. According to Business News Daily, a positive demeanor in the workplace can make people in the office feel better and encourage others to reach higher goals too. In turn, this means more of your employees will adapt to having more ‘shark-like’ qualities in the office. 

2. They have a strong work ethic

This one can go a long way for many employers. Having an employee with a strong work ethic can help move your company forward and help your company reach goals quicker than you thought possible. Possessing an employee with ‘shark-like’ qualities can have other employees in your company wanting to reach the same goals and can exponentially grow your company. Having employees wanting to reach these goals can encourage other employees to become more committed to the work they’re doing, creating a high performance team.

3. They feel like they have something to prove

What we mean by this is that they want to show you they have what it takes to get the job done effectively. This will have a potential team member working harder to make sure they impress you. They will also always look for ways they can improve the work they do and become a better employee. As well, they may set an example to others around them to reach the same goals they are hitting. 

4. Sharks aren’t afraid of failure

We all know that failure is a necessary step in the journey to success and yet, so many of us are afraid of it. Fearing failure, however, only keeps you from achieving your greatest success. Sharks abandon that fear and take (reasonable) risks that often pay off. They’re tenacious.

Have a Happy Shark Awareness Day! Addison Group professionals find and place sharks in exciting across a number of industries every single day. For more of our professional advice, Contact Us now to stay in the loop!

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