How to Dress for a Summer Interview

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With the first day of summer this weekend, temperatures are rising and wardrobes are transitioning. Although changes in work outfits like sleeveless shirts or sandals might be acceptable in some offices, interview attire must remain professional and appropriate. That being said, there are ways to dress for the heat without compromising professionalism. Check out this list of Dos and Don’ts for how to dress for a summer interview:

Do: Choose Lightweight Fabrics

It is important for both men and women to choose suits in lightweight fabrics and preferably without full lining. While women have the option of wearing a dress to an interview, it is typically more professional to wear a blazer with it. Choosing light fabrics and avoiding black will help both men and women keep cool.

Do: Wear Closed Toe Shoes

Though it may be tempting to throw on sandals in the warmer months, in most instances a closed toe option for a shoe is much more appropriate for an interview. There are many styles of dressy sandals for women these days, but opting for a pair of pumps or flats is a better choice in this case. It probably goes without saying that men shouldn’t show up in sandals!

Do: Keep Hair Neat and Trim

Whether your hairstyle is long or short, keeping the style neat and out of your face will help you to avoid overheating and having a messy appearance. Avoid styles that could result in pieces falling or hair sticking to your face or neck.

Don’t: Wear Your Jacket or Uncomfortable Shoes for the Commute

The best way to combat the heat while you’re on your way to the interview is to carry your jacket neatly over your arm (being sure to avoid crinkling). For women wearing heels, it might be best to commute in a more comfortable shoe and change prior to the interview.

Don’t: Overdo it with Perfume/Cologne

When your body temperature rises, your body’s scent becomes stronger. Avoid overpowering the interviewer’s senses by going light on any perfumes, colognes, or body sprays.

Don’t: Wear Heavy Makeup

This one is for the ladies—heavy makeup will not only appear unprofessional, but it will cause you to sweat more resulting in a disheveled appearance. Air on the side of caution when it comes to makeup application the day of your interview–less is definitely more in an office setting and will be better in the heat.


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