How To Recruit Machine Learning Talent Successfully

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By Shannon Vize, Content Strategist at Mondo, an Addison Group company

As the uses and business functions of AI technology expand into nearly every industry, companies of all sizes are looking to hire experienced AI and, more specifically, machine learning talent from a small pool of qualified candidates. However, businesses other than top Tech innovators like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft are facing the ever-growing challenge of figuring out how to recruit machine learning talent successfully, while being unable to offer the same type of brand recognition, compensation package, and opportunities these leading companies can.

Just how hard is it to net the machine learning talent you need? According to recent findings by Paysa, Amazon’s average annual investment in AI and machine learning hiring is $227.8 million, with the next major competitor being Google with an annual investment of $130.1 million. Although attracting and retaining the machine learning talent you need to build out your AI department presents a major hurdle for innovative CEOs and hiring managers without the access to substantial funds, it is possible. Here are the strategies we recommend.

Adapt Recruitment Strategies Based on Experience

The first thing to know when developing hiring strategies for high-end machine learning (ML) or other AI roles is that you’ll need to adapt strategies based on the experience level you’re looking for. What works for a Jr. ML Engineer won’t work for recruiting a Sr. AI Researcher role. To access the talent you’re looking to hire, you have to go where they’ll be found.

For more junior-level roles, universities, hackathons, and specialized training programs are great sources to find new talent versed in the latest tech that can help build out your AI department before transitioning to senior-level roles with time. For more senior or experienced roles, qualified applicants are most commonly found through network connections, academic papers, and academic conferences. Understanding the need to adapt your recruitment and hiring strategies based on the level of experience you’re looking for will set you up for greater success when it comes to attracting and retaining the talent you need.

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