The Gig Economy: Gig Workers Could Be The Future


Contract and outsourced workers, better known as the “gig” economy, have become very popular as many employers are rethinking their hiring strategies. With the unemployment rate at the lowest in 50-years and finance professionals in high demand, employers are expected to scale up their use of gig workers according to Deloitte’s third-quarter 2018 CFO Signals™ survey.

Skills in the Workplace

Analytical skills and digital technologies are among the most critical for gig workers to possess. Gig workers should stay abreast of any changes that require the advancement of their current skill set in order to remain competitive.

Managing Gig Workers

Employers must rethink how they will manage this unique workforce. For example, incentives and scheduling may be very different for gig employees. Additionally, there may be the need for certain adjustments from their typical employment strategy.

Promoting Creativity

While there are special considerations to keep in mind as far as management and scheduling, gig employees could offer the solution for finding quality talent without sacrificing additional resources that are often used for hiring traditional employees. 

Gig workers have been around for a long time, and their involvement in the workforce is nothing new. However, there has been a shift in the preference for these types of workers, namely in the finance sector. Because it’s difficult to find quality talent, considering quality gig workers could be the solution. Not only does this potentially cast the net wider, but it could also open the door for incredibly skilled professionals who haven’t chosen the traditional path of employment.

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