From Interns to Employees: Where Are They Now

From Interns to Employees at Addison Group

Internships are an incredibly valuable experience for someone to have when entering the workforce. It helps them learn new skills and improve upon the soft skills they’ve developed throughout their college career. On the flip side, it’s helpful for companies too. It helps grow their talent pipeline and provides a pool of candidates to reach out to when they have open roles.

Two years ago, for National Intern Day, we sat down with Kaitlin Arnett, Nicole Jahn, and Kristine Loughery to learn about their experiences as interns at Addison Group. All three were hired as full-time employees at the conclusion of their internships.

We’re catching up with Kaitlin, Nicole, and Kristine to see how the past two years have gone and learning how their internships set the foundation for building their careers.

1. How did your internship with Addison Group kickstart your career?

Kaitlin: My internship with Addison Group played a pivotal role in kickstarting my marketing career. Working closely with experienced marketers, I gained hands-on training and developed essential skills in marketing strategy, market research, and digital campaign execution. Addison Group’s collaborative work environment allowed me to contribute ideas directly impacting our marketing initiatives. Furthermore, the internship exposed me to industry professionals, expanding my professional network and opening doors to further opportunities in the marketing industry. Returning to Addison Group full-time solidified my commitment to the company, enabling me to leverage the connections and knowledge gained during my internship for continued growth and success in my marketing career.

Nicole: My internship was the beginning of everything. When I started the internship, I was unsure about what direction I wanted my career to go. Once I started with the marketing team, everything clicked, and I knew I wanted to do this. Once I started here full-time, I felt like I was allowed to explore my marketing interests. This helped me grow my skill set and learn what projects I enjoyed working on.

Kristine: My internship kickstarted my career at Addison Group by allowing me to learn the day-to-day responsibilities of the job and what to expect for when I officially started.

2. How have you grown professionally in the past two years with Addison Group?

Kaitlin: During my tenure at Addison Group over the past two years, I’ve experienced significant professional growth that has shaped my career trajectory. I’ve developed strong leadership and mentoring skills by guiding and mentoring two young marketing professionals throughout their internships. Additionally, I’ve honed my ability to leverage data-driven insights and adapt to emerging technologies and trends in the marketing landscape. I’ve successfully managed multiple marketing campaigns through cross-functional collaboration, enhancing my project management skills. Overall, my time at Addison Group has been instrumental in my professional growth and prepared me for continued success in the marketing industry.

Nicole: I’ve been exposed to many different aspects in marketing, which led to my growth in different marketing functions. My team encourages me to take marketing courses and certifications to learn new skills and develop a deeper understanding of everything that goes into marketing. Also, not only have I grown my technical skills, but I’ve improved my soft skills. I think improving my soft skills affects my professional growth and has helped me grow as a person too.

Kristine: I’d say building a stronger book of business and learning what it takes to persevere through hardships that arise

3. What’s a highlight for you working here?

Kaitlin: One of the significant highlights of my experience at Addison Group has been the opportunity to collaborate with a diverse and talented team. The company’s collaborative and inclusive work culture fosters the sharing of ideas and perspectives, enhancing my creativity and problem-solving abilities. Working alongside professionals from various backgrounds and expertise has broadened my horizons and expanded my skill set. The constant exchange of knowledge and insights has been invaluable in my professional growth, and I’ve developed strong relationships with my colleagues. The camaraderie and collective drive towards achieving excellence make every day at Addison Group engaging and rewarding. I’m grateful for the opportunities to learn from and contribute to such an exceptional team.

Nicole: I would say seeing my team grow. When I first started here as an intern and full-time, the marketing department was structured differently. We have more people on the team, which can be attributed to Addison Group’s growth over the past couple of years. Also, it’s been cool seeing this department grow, working with everyone on the team, and watching our marketing initiatives evolve. Through our marketing initiatives evolving, I’ve been able to grow working here. I’ve been trusted to take on more responsibilities in my role and get hands-on experience learning new skills in marketing. Overall, it’s been incredibly rewarding to look back and see how much the team has grown and my growth.

Kristine: A highlight for me working here so far has been the opportunities I’ve been given to be successful and the support system of my team.

Whether you’re looking for full-time position to help you grow your career or to help an entry-level candidate jumpstart their career, Addison Group can help. Check out our talent resources page to learn more!

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