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Cortney Langston Employee Spotlight at Addison Group

Addison Group is a nationally recognized talent solutions firm focused on providing exceptional service to clients and candidates. Our passion is providing the right talent to advance your company’s performance and create a best-in-class experience for your workforce. We’re excited to announce that we’ve expanded our Finance and Accounting talent solutions practice to Fort Worth!

We’re thrilled to be in this location, supporting local employers by finding talent that supports their organization’s business goals. Cortney Langston, Fort Worth’s Branch Manager – Executive Search, Finance & Accounting, will be working to build out this practice alongside our talented team.

We spoke with Cortney to get his perspectives on the expansion and share insights from his career journey.

What are you most excited about with this new expansion in Fort Worth?

Fort Worth offers an amazing opportunity for expansion. With multiple industries operating in Fort Worth, the city itself is only at the infancy of its continued growth and won’t stop for the foreseeable future. This is an exciting opportunity to build something from the ground up and I’m excited to be a part of it!

What sets Addison Group’s Finance & Accounting talent solutions in Fort Worth apart from other organizations?

Relationships. We’re very relational in our approach and it truly sets us apart from other firms in the industry. We take the time to meet with our clients and candidates to ensure we understand what is important and make outcomes that last. There’s more to creating winning matches than job descriptions and resumes. People are not transactions, and they shouldn’t be treated as such. We want to build lasting relationships, not just get a deal done.

What is one thing you want your clients and candidates to know about Addison Group’s culture?

We’re relationship-driven and a people-first organization. This is evident in our leadership and in the way we conduct business every day. Our leadership creates a positive environment where employees feel gratified by where they work. Through strong mentorship, Addison Group leaders make us proud to come to work and inspire us to create the best experience for our clients and candidates.


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What are you most proud of during your journey with Addison Group, and how will it help job seekers and clients hiring in Fort Worth?

In my 12 years with Addison, the thing I’m most proud of is developing individuals around me and helping them grow in their career. I fully understand that I’m only as good as the team that surrounds me. Individual success only satisfies for a moment, but seeing a team or individual thrive is more rewarding. I’ve found my passion in guiding others on how to take care of clients and candidates in a way that’s beneficial for everyone. Whether that’s my immediate team or individuals in our other divisions, it’s important they all develop in a way that serves our clients and candidates in any market. 

What drew you to the role of Branch Manager?

At the time, I knew I wanted career growth and the opportunity to train and develop people. I stepped into the role of Branch Manager to be a mentor for my team. I wanted to develop people in a way that would benefit the company while helping those individuals experience growth. Ultimately, I wanted my team to learn more from problem solving than someone always telling them exactly what to do. If you micromanage all the time, your team will never develop and grow.

Is there a placement that had a lot of meaning for you?

I don’t feel that one necessarily stands out from the others. Every placement is important. You’re helping someone improve their life whether they’re in a bad environment, financially strapped, or wanting to grow their career. This is what makes the job meaningful to me.

What is the biggest career lesson you’ve learned so far?

We’re in the business of helping people, so it can be messy and rewarding all at the same time. You learn very quickly not to let the emotions get the best of you because another opportunity is always just around the corner. You must be patient, empathetic, assertive, and consultative to build the relationships that will last.

What advice would you give someone looking for their next opportunity?

I would tell them to focus on the opportunities that will assist you in reaching your aspirations. I meet with a multitude of people early in their career that will overlook exceptional opportunities because they are hyper-focused on salary. Money doesn’t always equate to happiness or helping you achieve your career goals. Take a moment to reflect on your long-term goals and whether the opportunity at hand will equip you with the skills and abilities to propel you towards your desired career path. If you focus on that simple concept, you’ll gain invaluable experience that aligns with your career objectives.

What advice would you give to companies who are unsure about hiring in this market?

There’s never a bad time to enhance your team with top talent. There’s great talent in the market right now eager for career growth. We hear it all the time that those who move the fastest secure the best talent and that statement couldn’t be truer than the market today. It’s important to attract and acquire the best talent before an upswing in hiring.

Cortney Langston was born and raised in the heartland of Mustang, Oklahoma. He then attended York College in Nebraska where he studied and played collegiate soccer prior to starting his career. Upon graduation he initially started as an AP Clerk in O&G and was quickly elevated to higher roles until he became a Production Analyst II. After 4 years in O&G, he started at Addison Group where he steadily climbed the ranks from a Recruiter to a Branch Manager in Tulsa. After 7 years in that role, he decided to take the opportunity to develop a team in the Executive Search, Finance & Accounting division for the Fort Worth office. With twelve years of experience under his belt, Cortney eagerly anticipates diving into a fresh challenge in a new market, ready to continue expanding his knowledge and skills.

Ready to hire Finance & Accounting talent? Cortney is ready to find you top talent to move your business forward.


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