Building a Cybersecurity Plan for the Unknown

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One of the most frustrating things about building a cybersecurity plan is that cyber-attacks are constantly evolving. Organizations are rushing to keep up with current threats while simultaneously preparing for future attacks. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind as your company creates its cybersecurity plan.

Create a Security Staff

Within your organization, you should have specially trained IT professionals that are involved in the day-to-day conversations about cybersecurity.

While not all companies have the resources to have dedicated cybersecurity security staff, they should at least have two lines of defense: one that works internally and one that is independent.

Include Employees in the Cybersecurity Plan

While there may be a lot of training on how to identify security breaches, one thing is being overlooked: the need for employee reports. People may identify a phishing email or some other tactic for obtaining information, but they aren’t always informing leadership. In order to get more reports, start the conversation with your employees. Encourage, and perhaps even incentivize, the need for this information.

Plan for Loss

While it’s important to create a cybersecurity plan, companies should be prepared for the event of a total technological loss. This will help companies avoid panic and loss in the event that everything is lost. Preparing for the worst-case scenario will ensure that the business can still operate without the use of technology. While a cybersecurity plan should help avoid this, if it fails, the business should still be able to function to some extent. Proper planning for the worst-case scenario will put the company in the best position to avoid unnecessary fallout.

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