Finance & Accounting Hiring in Fort Worth: Samantha Nobles

Samantha Nobles Employee Spotlight at Addison Group

Addison Group is a nationally recognized talent solutions firm focused on providing exceptional service to clients and candidates. Our passion is providing the right talent to advance your company’s performance and create a best-in-class experience for your workforce. We’re excited to announce that we’ve expanded our Finance & Accounting talent solutions practice to Fort Worth!

We’re thrilled to be in this location, supporting local employers by finding talent that supports their organization’s business goals. Samantha Nobles, Fort Worth’s Finance & Accounting Branch Manager, will work to build out this practice alongside our talented team.

We spoke with Samantha to get her perspectives on the expansion and share insights from her career journey.

What are you most excited about with this new expansion in Fort Worth?

At a macro level, I’m excited about contributing to the continuously growing Texas economy by opening our fifth office. However, I’m most excited about expanding into Fort Worth because business is personal and very relationship driven. Fort Worth feels grassroots, and the market values in-person/personal business relationships rather than transactional ones. Partnering with clients and candidates with that same mindset excites me for what’s to come with this new branch and our influence in the market.

What sets Addison Group’s Finance & Accounting hiring in Fort Worth apart from other organizations?

A multitude of different ways including our consultative approach, diligence, professionalism, realistic expectations, proactivity, and more. Most importantly, our relationship-driven approach to our process is what sets us apart from other firms. We meet with every candidate and client to ensure we’re not just matching a resume to the job description but also matching personal characteristics and company cultures to each other. 

What is one thing you want your clients and candidates to know about Addison’s culture?

One thing that clients and candidates should know about our culture is that we’re a people first organization. Addison Group and our leadership truly care about their employees, celebrate big and small wins, and support us to ensure success. That enthusiasm that we have from working in such a positive environment greatly influences our client and candidate relationships. We truly care about clients and candidates and are confident in our talent solutions process because of our internal support.


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What are you most proud of during your journey with Addison Group, and how will it help with Finance & Accounting hiring in Fort Worth?

I’m most proud of this opportunity to open the Fort Worth branch! It’s been a wild five years since starting at Addison Group, but I’m grateful and excited for what’s to come in launching this new initiative. I’m also incredibly proud to have such a passionate team. We all love what we do, and that speaks to our culture and how we succeed and grow together.

What drew you to the profession of being a recruiter?

When I graduated college with a Broadcast Journalism degree, I had no idea I would be in recruiting. After being referred to Addison Group by a friend, interviewing, and seeing the culture, I knew recruiting was the career for me. I love it because it’s fast-paced, dynamic, competitive, and relationship-driven. After spending time on the candidate side as a Recruiter and on the client side in Business Development, the feeling of accomplishment after I’ve found someone’s dream job or when I find my client a new addition to the team, it encourages me to continue to do that with as many clients and candidates in the market as possible.

Is there a placement that had a lot of meaning for you?

There are so many that are meaningful to me, but the most significant ones are when my client tells me they’ve promoted the candidate I placed with them. In my opinion, there’s no better feeling in this industry than when you’ve given someone career progression opportunities and when my client sees a future leader in that candidate by promoting them.

What is the biggest career lesson you’ve learned so far?

I started on the recruiting team in Houston for a year and a half, then switched to sales three days before the COVID shutdown. I built a book of business in a market with little to no hiring, but that adversity and setback taught me about patience and appreciating the small wins. Going through that down-market, coming out of it over a year later, and achieving/witnessing personal and team production all-time highs has equipped me for the challenge of opening our Fort Worth branch. Office expansions always come with challenges. However, with patience, appreciation for every win, and Addison Group’s support, we’ll be a force to be reckoned with in Fort Worth!

Samantha Nobles was born and raised in Friendswood, Texas, and studied Broadcast Journalism at Texas A&M before starting her career. She started as a Junior Recruiter in June 2018, sourcing for Finance and Accounting candidates. As she progressed in her career, she was promoted to Recruiter and then Senior Recruiter in 2019. In March 2020, she made the leap to the business development side. After being promoted to Senior BDM, she was approached about expanding the FAC group into the Fort Worth market. After learning from the best in the Houston office for the last four years, she’s grateful for the support and excited about this next endeavor! She is officially a Fort Worth resident and thrilled to be expanding the talent solutions footprint as Branch Manager!

Need Finance & Accounting talent? Samantha is ready to find you top talent to move your business forward.


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