Job Hunting Tips & Insights: Overcoming Rejection

Addison Group resume being denied and overcoming rejection.

Job hunting can be stressful. With the uncertainty of today’s economic climate, you may feel the pressure to land a position growing each day. Although the nerves you feel when applying for a job are normal, rejection can make them even worse, and when applying and interviewing for multiple positions, rejection is inevitable. This is why overcoming rejection is vital when applying for jobs.

Although rejection can be discouraging, it’s important to remember that it’s normal and shouldn’t stop you from continuing your search. Below are some helpful insights to help you with overcoming rejection!

It’s Not Just Happening to You

Rejection is normal. People face rejection every day when applying for jobs. Sometimes it comes in the form of an email, other times it’s no response at all. It can happen after an initial application, other times you get a few interviews in before it comes. Either way, rejection is common. Although it can be discouraging, the most important thing to remember is that it’s not just happening to you.

Every job seeker faces rejection. It’s recommended that you apply for 10-15 jobs per week, and the more jobs you apply for, the greater the likelihood is of getting a few rejection letters. However, on the other end of that, is the greater likelihood of landing one of those jobs.

So, keep applying and don’t let the rejection letters discourage you – all job seekers are in the same boat!

You Can Learn From Rejection

If you’ve been on the hunt for a new position for a while and can’t seem to land an interview, review your applications and take note of a few things. What kind of positions are you applying for? Does your resume highlight your skillset? Does that skillset match the positions’ requirements? Are you qualified for the positions you’re applying to?

If you’re anxiously trying to land a job and applying for a multitude of positions, it’s possible you’re applying for the wrong ones. Look back at your recent applications and determine if you’re applying for jobs that you’re well suited for.

Working for a job you don’t enjoy, doesn’t align with your interests, and doesn’t allow you to strengthen your skills, isn’t worth it. If you have the means to wait for a better-suited role, do the research and wait for the right position. Below are a few things to consider when reviewing your applications.

1. Background

Think about your last few positions and determine the following: How did you feel there? Did you feel confident in your role? Were you eager to keep growing in those positions? Did you like the industry you were in?

If the answer is yes, filter your job search to find similar roles in that industry. On the other hand, if you felt like your skills weren’t being utilized, or you were in an industry you weren’t passionate about, take some time to figure out why and what you wish was different. Then filter your search accordingly.

2. Skillset

An important part of overcoming rejection is reminding yourself of your strong suits. Even if you’re unsure what you want to do, chances are you know what you’re good at. Everybody has a unique skill they bring to the table. What’s yours? Maybe you don’t know what company you want to work for or the exact title you want to have, but if you land a position that allows you to utilize your skillset, you’ll feel good about the work you do. Figure out which muscle you want to flex and go for the positions allowing you to do so. Companies need people with a variety of skillsets, and yours are just as valuable as anyone else’s!

3. Resume

Once you understand the career move you want to make and the skills you want to utilize in your next position, make sure your resume matches. Maybe you have previous job responsibilities listed that don’t apply to where you’re hoping to go. Take them off or reword them to better suit the responsibilities you’re hoping to attain in the future. If you have a dozen skills listed, pick the ones you feel truly confident in and delete the others. Sometimes, being strong in a few ways is better than being just alright in many.

Taking a look at these things will help you determine what roles will make you happy and allow you to grow in a field that you’re interested in. The benefits of understanding these things and finding a career path that aligns with your interests and allows you to strengthen your skillset are worth a few rejections along the way.

Jobs Are Continuously Hiring

Applying to jobs is nerve-racking, especially in our current economic climate. Yet, in what seems to be a time of uncertainty, the job market is still growing.

Refresh your job search each day as opportunities are always popping up. You never know when the perfect fit will be posted!

Moving Forward…

Think about why you may be getting turned away from some positions. Are you applying for the wrong jobs? Is your resume not up to date? Do you know what you’re really looking for? Remember that it’s not just you and job seekers everywhere are facing rejection throughout their search. Although overcoming rejection may not always be easy, you can take comfort in knowing that the job market is still in your favor, and the skills you’ve acquired are needed!

We encourage you to keep applying, and we’re here to help! Click here and let us help you land your next position!


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