December Labor Report Recap

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According to the latest jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the United States job market is still steadily growing, with 223,000 nonfarm jobs added in December 2022. This level shows a modest decrease compared to last month’s report. However, the unemployment rate decreased to 3.5 percent from 3.7 percent in November.

The industries with the most notable gains in jobs were leisure and hospitality, healthcare, construction, and social assistance.

Healthcare saw sizable job growth throughout 2022, with an average of 49,000 roles added monthly. This is significantly more than the month-to-month job gains seen in 2021 for this industry.

Even though the number of new jobs is lower than the previous month, the job market is still moving in a positive direction.

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Source: December 2022 Monthly Jobs Report, Bureau of Labor Statistics

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