Employee Spotlight: IT Sr. Recruiter Saber Cantrell Named 2021 NextGen Under 30 Honoree in Oklahoma

Saber Cantrell Named 2021 NextGen Under 30 Honoree in Oklahoma

A telltale sign of an excellent employee is when one’s colleagues recognize them. Saber Cantrell, senior recruiter in the Oklahoma City office, shines so bright in her career that the state of Oklahoma took notice. On August 20, 2021, Cantrell was recognized as an honoree of the NextGen Under 30 award program.

The annual award program highlights young professionals in dozens of professions and from over 350 organizations across Oklahoma, each of whom is nominated for the award, typically by a colleague or peer. The intent of the program is to recognize the achievements of bright professionals and leaders under the age of 30 who invest commendable time and effort towards their careers in the state.

Cantrell’s admirable achievement tops a noteworthy list of Addison Group employees from the OKC office to be awarded this honor. In the past eight years, six Addison Group employees have been selected for the award, out of more than 8,000 total nominees over the years.

Ray Wolber, senior vice president of IT, nominated Cantrell for the award this year. “Saber has grown immensely as a leader in the Oklahoma City office,” Wolber said about why he nominated her for the award. “She is always happy to lend a hand to new hires and show them what it takes to get their desks up to speed. She is also a silent leader in the way she carries the torch by example.”

Another colleague in the OKC office, business development manager Rachel Pitrolo, partners with Cantrell frequently to place candidates at client companies together.

“She is the epitome of using her time wisely, using the system correctly and never giving up on a candidate,” Pitrolo said.

Cantrell knew little about recruiting when she first started at Addison Group three years ago. After her promotion to senior recruiter in February 2021, her days consist of actively building her network, finding talent on LinkedIn and Bullhorn, scheduling and preparing interviews for candidates.

“Relationship building is at the heart of being a successful recruiter,” Cantrell said. “It’s a lot easier and way more fun to get top talent when you establish a real connection and foster a relationship along the way. The more relationships you build, the wider your network grows.”

Think being a recruiter only consists of cold calling? Think again. For Cantrell, it’s a way to positively impact lives.

“Changing someone’s life … is very satisfying,” she said. “I really enjoy helping them find the right role for their career goals and lifestyle.”

Both Pitrolo and Wolber pointed out Cantrell’s strong mentoring and leadership skills in her role, as she now leads a team of other IT recruiters in the OKC office.

Receiving this award was validation of the hard work she’s put into developing her career every day, Cantrell said. She credits her family, friends and close-knit team of recruiters and account managers in the Oklahoma City office for supporting her growth in her position.

“Without question, when no one is looking, I know that Saber is doing things the right way – her production speaks for itself,” Wolber said.

So, what’s next for Cantrell’s career?

“Addison Group has helped me develop new skills and learn more about myself and my profession,” Cantrell said. “I feel my career is growing every day here.”

Sounds like the sky is the limit for Cantrell’s career with Addison Group.

“I know there is so much more ahead of her,” Pitrolo said. “This award proves what she has already accomplished in such a short amount of time.”

Cantrell will attend the NextGen awards ceremony in November. Congratulations, Saber, on your outstanding achievement! Thank you for representing Addison Group in the Oklahoma City community so well.

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