The Benefits of Employee Upskilling

Employees Upskilling at Addison Group

Upskilling is more than your typical skills training. The term ‘upskilling’ is used to describe the planning required to keep pace with current workplace demands.  It involves both upward and forward planning. Below we outline everything you need to know about employee upskilling.

Employee Upskilling Benefits

Upskilling is a popular approach to organizational advancement that benefits your business as well as your employees. Consider the following:

  • Providing opportunities to learn and advance employee engagement and performance. These, in turn, have a positive effect on employee retention and positive business outcomes.
  • Employee retention benefits your bottom line by limiting the costs of recruitment and hiring. At the same time, internal capacity and succession increases.
  • Today’s employees want and expect opportunities that add to their knowledge and experience. This leads them to seek out employers who offer learning benefits and perks.


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Envision Your Future – Upskill Today

As your team forecasts your business’ future, you’re surveying the critical elements required to get there. That includes ensuring your employees’ abilities keep pace with emerging technologies and processes.

  • Provide opportunities for online or in-person learning bursts such as:
    • Approved YouTube sessions.
    • Breaks to share tips and exchange helpful hints with each other.
    • Encourage your employees to enroll in online certification programs to learn new skills or refresh on skills they already have.
  • Support employees who perform well and aspire to advance with your company by:
    • Providing lunch and learn sessions that focus on credentials for professionals at your organization.
    • Offering invitational workshops focused on select skills based upon the industries your employees work in.
    • Establishing a fund that supports continuing education for employees working toward an undergraduate or graduate degree.

Track Outcomes of Employee Upskilling Programs

Track outcomes of your organization’s upskill strategies and return on investment of these initiatives. Along with assuring that the upskilling methods your team uses are beneficial, learn to make needed changes.

  • Survey those who participate in the upskill selections you offer.
  • Remember to record anecdotal feedback.

Providing upskilling opportunities to employees is an important initiative to help retain employees and attract new ones. Sometimes it can be hard attracting talent, but Addison Group is here to help! With more than 20 years of experience, we match clients with expert candidates that move your business forward. Let’s connect today!


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