What to Look for in a Talent Solutions Firm

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Navigating your job search can be an overwhelming process. It can leave you feeling frustrated, confused, and even hopeless. Luckily, there are talent solutions firms out there whose goal is to help you throughout the process and alleviate those feelings. However, with so many staffing and recruiting firms around, it’s important you choose one with your best interests in mind.

Read on to understand what to look for in a talent solutions firm to ensure your next career step is the right one for you.

Talent solutions firms should care about you

Many companies say they are a people-first company, but how many truly are? When looking to work with a staffing firm, it’s important to look for one that cares about you. You want a firm that values people over profit – because without you, there is no business to be done.

When looking to work with a talent solutions firm, look for a firm that genuinely works to find the best placements possible for you. It’s easy for talent solutions firms to send placements based on what’s convenient. Any job posting might be a good fit, even if it’s hardly what you’re looking for. However, when you find a firm that works to find the right fit, rather than what’s easiest, the results speak for themselves.

Gaging the right fit

You might be wondering how to gage if a company is sending you random opportunities or ones they really believe in for you. To answer this question, look at how they handle interactions with you. Do they reach out once and then send all job postings over, hoping something lands? Or do they take the time to get to know you and your background? Do they care about what you’re looking for, and reach out with sincerity?

Make sure the firm you work with meets with you before sending you any job opportunities. Also, make sure they revise their search based on your feedback throughout the process. Your recruiter should be meeting with you prior to sending you off to an interview to prep you. They should be following up with you to see how your interview went and help you through your next steps. They should be asking for your feedback on your experience with their process. This is what makes a good talent solutions firm and gets you the job you want.

If you’re working with a firm and find yourself frustrated, they’re likely not embodying what makes a people-first company. Find a talent solutions firm that works to find you the right fit, not what’s convenient for them.

Talent solutions firms should invest in training programs

You want to partner with a firm who invests in their learning and development programs. For example, you want a firm that doesn’t let their employees fend for themselves and instead does what they can to prepare their employees. Do you want to work with recruiters who are just learning as they go, or do you want a recruiter who has had extensive training, with multiple touchpoints along the way to ensure their growth?

You want a recruiter who knows how to work best with you, find you great opportunities, and communicate with you effectively throughout what may be a long process. If you can, get a feel for how much they value their employee’s development, as it will be directly reflected in how they work with you.

What are their DEI initiatives?

Another important factor you want to look for in your talent solutions firm is their DEI initiatives. Have they made it a point to educate themselves and others on what it means to be inclusive and the importance of taking steps toward inclusivity?

With inclusivity comes real, meaningful connections, and that’s what you want out of your talent solutions firm. People who will really get to know you and make sure you’re placed in a position with a company you feel comfortable with.

A company that values their DEI initiatives is going to work with clients who do the same. Make sure the firm you’re working with has DEI initiatives in place and is working to better it each day.

Look for a talent solutions firm that provides the best tools possible

You of course want a firm who is constantly progressing in their DEI efforts, but you also want a firm who is growing in other ways, too. Their use of technology, for example. There are some software and tools that are considered outdated and less efficient than others. You want a firm that provides its employees with up-to-date, modern tools to ensure their employees’ success – which will be directly correlated with your own.

A talent solutions firm relies on its software programs to track and manage candidates progress from start to finish. So make sure it’s right! You don’t want to get lost in a mix of technical errors and forgotten about. With efficient technology comes efficient processes. Be part of efficiency, not part of an error.

Look into a talent solutions firms’ core values

All talent solution firms should have core values that they abide by. If you’re going to work with a company, you want to make sure they’re going to do business with you in a respectable way. Their core values give you insight into how they operate as a business.

If you can, do further research into it. Do their employees agree with their core values? Do they feel their company truly does business with their core values in mind? When looking for a people-first company, try and find a firm that is going to hold true to their values when working with you to ensure a good experience.

Ensure there is plenty of opportunity

Another important thing to consider is the amount of opportunity a firm can present to you. With many companies currently slowing hiring, it’s beneficial for you if a firm has a large range of opportunities. This may look like having multiple clients, more than one location, multiple subsidiaries, or if being hired internally, opportunities to grow!

Having any amount of these things provides a greater likelihood of lucrative opportunities they can offer you.

Still searching for a talent solutions firm?

There are many talent solutions firms out there. But if you want a true people-first company with top notch software, expansive learning and development programs, progressive DEI initiatives, who follow their core values, and will work with you, then Addison Group may be the perfect fit for you.

We have more than 20 years of hiring experience and will work with you to get you the best opportunity possible. Contact us today to get started!


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