Tech it Out: Top Tech Picks for Remote Working

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The COVID-19 pandemic saw the rise of people setting up makeshift home offices to help to deal with the loss of office space. Folks were able to make some of these changes in finding the best and most productive place to get work done, but they were lacking one thing… the proper technology. Many people only had their laptops or desktop computer to get work done and this can sometimes make working remotely more difficult. We have provided the five best tech products to make working from your home office much easier

Noise Cancelling Headphones

If you have a family at home or can get distracted easily, noise cancelling headphones will become your best friend. They can block out any sound that might be happening around you so you can focus on the work that you need to get done. This one from amazon has a 4.6 star rating so you’ll be less susceptible to the distractions that may be around you

Wireless Wifi Router

Working from home can slow your wifi down especially if you are with your family or have roommates. A perfect way to upgrade this is by getting a new router so your technology is not buffering while you are on the clock. This one has a 4.3 star rating so buffering will be a thing of the past.

External Hard Drive 

Since working from home requires you to be on your computer 100% of the time, the amount of storage that you have is about to vanish. Combat this and invest in a hard drive that won’t leave you struggling to find storage for all your important files.  This hard drive will ensure that you will never struggle to find storage (or at least for a long time).


Even though you are working from home, all the meetings that were in person have now become virtual.  You may think that the webcam on your laptop or desktop computer can do the job well but you will often look washed out on camera.  To avoid this, it is necessary to invest in a webcam that has such a clear image that it makes you look like you are in person with them and not seeing them virtually.  This webcam will guarantee that looking washed out on camera is so yesterday.

Smart Displays

Smart displays have been gaining popularity for the past couple of months since they include, just about, everything.  You can do anything from listening to music to answering questions and much more on one, single device. This smart display can give everything without breaking the bank so that working at home feels like you are actually in the office.

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