Highest-Paid Admin Jobs & Roles to Hire For in 2023

There isn’t an industry today that doesn’t have some administrative role to fill — and isn’t struggling to fill it.

Admin jobs are the lifeblood of a company’s productivity, fulfilling tasks such as recordkeeping, travel planning, and handling office logistics.

While the pandemic eliminated many of these jobs, companies are investing in admin positions again, especially for fast-growing roles like executive assistants, administrative assistants, and legal administrators.

Looking at our 2023 Workforce Planning & Salary Guide, here are the highest-paid administrative jobs, based on national average salary.

Highest Paid Administrative Jobs, With Salaries

Administrative RoleNational Avg. Salary
Facilities Manager$84,200
Project Coordinator$80,000
Executive Assistant$76,847
Office Manager$75,000
Meeting/Event Planner$57,009
Meeting Planner$56,000
Facilities Coordinator$55,000
Marketing Coordinator$51,380
Administrative Assistant$50,000
Project Assistant$49,474
Delivery & Mail Sorter$38,250

Remote & hybrid models are fundamental

And while some are working in-office, most administrative jobseekers desire remote or hybrid models, knowing they have the tools to do their jobs virtually.

This level of flexibility is especially crucial since 94% of administrative professionals are women, who still take on more familial responsibilities than men.

Skills training attracts admin workers

Administrative support workers’ jobs require soft skills such as detail-orientation, organization, proactive communication, and problem-solving. Candidates for administrative positions also appreciate the opportunity to improve their technical skills.

As new tools and technologies are being introduced, it’s imperative for employers to provide the training needed for administrators to stay up to speed.

Today, 95% of administrative assistants, executive assistants, and legal secretaries are women. That’s why it’s vital for employers to cast a wider net to fulfill administrative roles and open the doors to candidates from a wide variety of backgrounds, ethnicities, ages, and genders.

Companies that are serious about achieving DE&I goals will thoroughly research benefits that attract a diverse candidate pool and ensure they have the proper organizational initiatives in place to meet their needs.

This article feature trends from Addison Group’s 2023 Workforce Planning & Salary Guide.

For more valuable insights and national averages of salaries across hundreds of roles in administration, digital marketing, finance, accounting, healthcare, human resources, and information technology, download your free copy today.


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