Finance & Accounting Hiring in Tampa Bay: Meet Branch Manager, Michael Verga

Addison Group Tampa office branch manager Michael Verga

At Addison Group, we value the people that make our organization great and allow us to deliver exceptional service to the clients and candidates we support. We love bringing on talent to help us move our organization forward and contribute to our outstanding culture. Learn about Michael Verga conducting Finance & Accounting hiring in Tampa.

We are excited to announce that we have expanded our finance & accounting talent solutions practice to Tampa, Florida! We’re thrilled to be in this location and start providing dedicated support to local employers as well as helping candidates find their next career opportunity, Michael Verga will be working to build out this initiative alongside our talented finance & accounting Branch Manager, Anthony Naranjo.

We caught up with Michael to get his perspectives on the expansion as well as share a few insights from his own career journey.

What are you most excited about with this new expansion in Tampa?

I’m very excited to be part of Addison Group’s history of launching a startup office and expanding the finance & accounting vertical footprint. The Tampa Bay market has a booming economy and one of the fastest-growing financial services hubs in the U.S. Many of our clients in the Reston and the DC metro area have opened offices in Tampa asking us to support them in this region. We’re eager to partner with leading companies in Florida to assist with their human capital needs and build strong relationships with candidates in the Accounting & Finance field to find the very best career opportunities.

What sets Addison Group’s Finance & Accounting hiring in Tampa apart from other organizations?

Our in-depth process of screening and building relationships with candidates to match with reputable organizations looking for top-notch talent, as well as speed-to-market provides us with a competitive advantage. We have the ability to map and build out accounting & finance departments with our clients to help grow their teams and meet business objectives. Our local market touch with national presence allows us to deliver for clients at all angles and provides great opportunities for our candidates.

What do you want your clients and candidates to know about Addison’s culture?

Addison Group’s people-first approach both internally and externally sets us apart from our competitors. We take pride in being a broker of talent services for both candidates and clients alike. Our team is passionate about connecting the strongest readily available candidates with urgent-to-fill positions with our clients. I always motivate our team to focus on the building of relationships and providing value throughout the hiring process. Making a successful placement is the rewarding piece of our roles. When we can introduce a candidate that is excited about an opportunity to a client, everyone wins.

What are you most proud of during your journey with Addison Group, and how will it help with Finance & Accounting hiring in Tampa?

Having been with Addison Group for nine years, I’ve experienced each role leading up to my position today. I’ve learned in the trenches in several roles, and now solely focused manager position developing our team members. Our business has scaled in Reston to propel us into the Tampa Bay market, but none would be possible without me and the team. My proudest moments are around team development. The promotion of Anthony Naranjo to open up Tampa Bay, and the infrastructure in Reston with Autumn Mastropaolo and Spencer Grow make all this possible.

What drew you to the recruiting industry?

The ability to form relationships with clients and support candidates in their career aspirations is at the top of the list. Working within a competitive team environment with the same goal of placing the best candidates is extremely motivating. Being in the people business is energizing and beyond rewarding. I also love the thrill of winning as a team as well as making placements and closing deals with clients.

Is there a placement that had a lot of meaning for you?

In 2015, I received a call that solidified my passion for staffing from a Petroleum Distributor. A prospective client reached out at 7 pm on a Friday night asking if we could support nine temporary openings to start the following Monday. This opportunity would require weekend efforts to turn this around and we landed six of the nine from our competition. This client would later go on to have 27 contractors on billing and be one of my best client relationships, as well as many of my placed candidates growing into promotions.

What is the biggest career lesson you’ve learned so far?

Evaluating skills are important, but team culture and building a winning team around this is the most important. I have quickly learned that you’re only as strong as the people around you. I’ve been blessed with a committed team and mentors like Jay Houston, Adam Lederer, and Chris Vennitti. They have helped me throughout my career providing sound advice on leading during challenging and easy business times.

Michael Verga is from the NYC metro area and grew up in the Franklin Lakes/Wyckoff towns in North Jersey. After graduating from James Madison University, he relocated to Northern Virginia. Mike joined Addison Group in October of 2014 and was part of one of the first acquisitions, which was HireStrategy. He started in the Recruiter role, but quickly transitioned into a client-facing Business Development position within the team. In early 2016, Mike was promoted to Branch Manager of the finance & accounting Talent Solutions team in Reston. That team of three would later grow to 14 leading to several key promotions of infrastructure within the group. Mike is a six-time Echelon Award Winner and in his final year as a producing manager, finished as the 2021 Top Performer.

The team growth would lead to the opportunity to oversee the opening of our Tampa Bay office to expand our footprint in Florida. Mike is excited to leverage all that he learned and replicate the blueprint in this 2nd office area of responsibility.

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