HR and Administrative Hiring in Fort Worth: Jessica Waltz

Addison Group HR & Administrative Hiring meet Senior Recruiter, Jessica Waltz

Addison Group is a nationally recognized talent solutions firm focused on providing exceptional service to clients and candidates. Our passion is providing the right talent to advance your company’s performance and create a best-in-class experience for your workforce. We’re excited to announce that we’ve expanded our Human Resources and Administrative talent solutions practice to Fort Worth!

We’re thrilled to be in this location, supporting local employers by finding talent that supports their organization’s business goals. Jessica Waltz, Fort Worth’s HR and Administrative Senior Recruiter, will work to build out this practice alongside our talented team.

We spoke with Jessica to get her perspectives on the expansion and share insights from her career journey.

What are you most excited about with this new expansion in Fort Worth?

I’m most excited about our new office finally opening. We’ve been working out of the Dallas office while waiting for our new office to open. I’m excited to finally have our own space, with our own culture and accomplishments. It will be a very exciting time!

What sets Addison Group’s HR and Administrative hiring in Fort Worth apart from other organizations?

I believe what sets Addison apart from other organizations is the amount that our company genuinely cares. Addison cares so much about its employees, candidates, and clients. We give 100% daily to make everyone’s experience with us awesome. We don’t put them into any role that we can, but find jobs they love and want to stay at long term. Addison invests so much in its employees, which allows us to invest so much in our work. Addison has truly figured out the key to success.

What is one thing you want your clients and candidates to know about Addison’s culture?

One thing I want my candidates to know about Addison’s culture is that we’re here to help them. We don’t want to throw them into any role and hope it sticks, we truly want to get to know them well enough to understand what they’re hoping for out of a new opportunity. We want to find them a home base, not just a job.


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What are you most proud of during your journey with Addison Group, and how will it help with HR and Administrative hiring in Fort Worth?

I’m most proud of the number of people I have been able to help find work in my time with Addison Group. It’s such a rewarding feeling and I truly feel so accomplished every time I can help someone find their dream job. Fort Worth will be a great next step in my career journey.

What drew you to the profession of being a recruiter?

The aspect of helping people drew me to recruiting, mixed with the friendly competition that comes with it. It makes every win feel rewarding – whether it’s big or small and keeps things fun! Helping people find their dream jobs and meeting people from different walks of life is incredibly rewarding. Along with this, expanding my knowledge every day has been great. I’m a people person – it just comes naturally to me.

Is there a placement that had a lot of meaning for you?

One specific placement that meant a lot to me was a contract-to-hire candidate that ended up going permanent with a company. Her mother was very sick, and she didn’t think she would be able to find a full-time role that would accommodate her having to take long weekends every few months to visit her mother. Throughout the interview process, she was very transparent with the company about the circumstances she was going through and they completely understood. They thought she would be the perfect addition to their team and they were able to accommodate all her needs. She is currently a full-time employee at the company and thriving.

What is the biggest career lesson you’ve learned so far?

The biggest career lesson that I’ve learned is to control what you can and don’t stress about what you can’t. Recruiting is filled with really high highs and low lows. We work in an industry with the most unpredictable product – people. We have to choose our battles wisely, not take anything to heart, and keep chipping away knowing that everything is going to work out in the end.

Jessica Waltz grew up in Deerfield, IL, and graduated from The University of Arizona in 2019 with a bachelor’s degree in Retailing and Consumer Sciences. Before she was hired at Addison Group, she worked as a recruiter for Black Label Solutions.

She has been with the Addison Group family for more than two years now, starting on the Dallas HR & Admin team and then helping open the Fort Worth HR & Admin Office. Her team is proudly known for being the first start-up office in the history of Addison Group to be profitable the first month and has continued this trend month after month. She is excited to see what the Fort Worth office has in store for the months and years to come! She and her team cannot wait for the office in Fort Worth to officially open so they can finally have their own place to call home.

Ready for your next HR and Administrative job? Let Jessica help you find your new role!

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