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Common Interview Questions with Addison Group

It’s always important to prepare for your interview. If you’ve made it this far into the process, you’re a serious candidate for the position. This is a great opportunity to differentiate yourself from the other candidates. Focusing on common interview questions you might be asked during the interview process can help you be better prepared. Having solid responses in advance can lead to thorough and thoughtful answers that make you sound more professional and polished. 

Here are some of the most common interview questions.

The Most Common Interview Question: Tell me a little about yourself?

This question is a common icebreaker. Make sure not to give your entire history, but instead, focus on two to three specific achievements that show your character and work ethic. This answer should be thorough but concise, so it’s essential to practice giving a brief pitch about yourself.

A Common Interview Question You Need to Study For: What do you know about the company?

Any prospective employee should know the basics of the company they’re applying to. This is your chance to shine and show that you’ve done the research. Demonstrate your understanding of the company’s mission by tailoring your experience to their mission. This will show the employer that if they hire you, they’ll get somebody invested in the success of their business.


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Share Your Best Qualities: Why should we hire you?

This question stumps most job candidates, but is a golden opportunity. Your answer should cover three fundamental issues. You should demonstrate that you can effectively perform the functions of the position, you can work well with a team, and your results are going to be innovative and effective.

Get Things Moving: When can you start?

Aside from simple logistics, this question can inform a lot about a candidate’s character.  If you’re currently unemployed, responding with as soon as possible is a solid answer. In the event you need a little time to make arrangements (childcare, transportation, etc.), mention that upfront. If you’re currently employed and making a switch, “as soon as possible” could be a red flag. Stating that you would like to give your current employer proper notice shows your interviewer a level of professionalism and that you won’t jump ship on them in a moment’s notice.

Preparing for your interview doesn’t have to be a scary process. Most candidates often find that they’re more excited about the prospect of working with a company when they have properly planned their answers.

The first step to outlining your answers is finding a job to interview for – and Addison Group can help you find roles that fit your goals! With a plethora of jobs in multiple industries nationwide, Addison Group can find you the perfect match. Reach out to us today! 


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