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To most of us, job interviews are synonymous with handshakes, dressing up head to toe, and walking in tall in order to make a good impression. In this ever-changing business environment, and with an unprecedented number of companies switching to remote operations, interviews are taking new shape. a Virtual interview foregoes traditional interview rituals, like handshakes, but still offer candidates plenty of opportunities to make a great impression.

Common Themes in Virtual Interviews

Virtual interviews, like in-person interviews, require candidates to prepare beforehand, but are nothing to be afraid of. You can expect some of the questions to be similar, like your strengths and weaknesses, but also be prepared for a greater emphasis on working remotely.

  • Communication- Hiring managers need to be certain that you’re an effective communicator, especially if the position is remote. A virtual interview is your first opportunity to demonstrate your skills.
  • Work-Ethic- Without direct supervision, many remote workers struggle with the temptation to “slack off” while working. Hiring managers use a virtual interview to gauge a candidate’s work-ethic and commitment to a job.
  • Culture Fit- Believe it or not, ensuring that a candidate is a great culture fit is just as, if not more, important for remote workers. The natural separation that remote workers experience can lead to lower levels of morale and productivity, especially if they aren’t a good culture fit. Virtual interviews give hiring managers a first glimpse into whether or not a candidate is a match with their company.

To help you tackle these themes and ace your next virtual interview, we’ve collected a list of some of the more common virtual interview questions and how to best answer them. For personalized advice and expertise, and help landing your next virtual interview, contact us today.

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Sample Virtual Interview Questions

If you have worked remotely before, what were the biggest challenges you faced? How did you overcome them?

This question, and ones similar to it, allows you to address several of the common issues hiring managers hope to avoid. Be sure to use your first virtual interview to highlight your communication skills. Explain a time that you effectively communicated through a problem, like a difficult client or conflict with a co-worker.

Think about answers that focus on a situation in which you used multiple different strategies to communicate (email, phone calls, and video calls, for example). This not only demonstrates your communication skills, but also sheds like to your work-ethic and is sure to wow hiring managers.

How do you schedule your day?

Virtual interview questions regarding your schedule and level of organization might seem like the “easier questions” to some, but are critical in finding a great match. Keep in mind that, when filling remote positions, hiring managers are looking for a self-starter with an entrepreneurial spirit who can work without too much direction.

Don’t worry about the nitty gritty details too much. Nobody expects you to have your day planned down to the minute, but use your virtual interview as an opportunity to demonstrate your work-ethic and explain your routine.

What would you do if you had internet connection problems during a meeting with your manager or a call with a customer?

During a virtual interview, be prepared for questions relating specifically to how you intend to operate remotely. Internet will fail and calls will drop. Prepare a plan B, and then have plans C and D ready, too.

Hiring managers look for candidates who express a great work-ethic, who are willing to do their best to get the job done to the best of their ability. Planning for mishaps and having options ready demonstrates a work-ethic that managers need.

Final Thoughts Before Your Virtual Interview

As we encounter more and more remote positions, the reliance on virtual interviews will only grow. Preparing for them beforehand is essential to acing the interview and landing the job.

Set yourself up for success. Reach out to one of our recruiters for expert advice to help you find your next virtual interview and dream job. Follow along with our blog for even more great interview tips.

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