The Importance of Building Loyalty with Temporary Employees

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Contract employees are needed frequently in a variety of industries—here at Addison Group contract staffing is a large part of the business we do. Though contractors differ from full-time employees in that they do not work directly for an organization, they are often hired for long-term projects and become invaluable team members. That being said, some companies fail to recognize the importance of building a strong rapport with contract employees. In addition to simply practicing good business, there are several reasons why organizations should make it a point to cultivate loyalty with temporary employees.

Workplace Morale

Contractors are often viewed by employers as entirely separate from permanent staff. While that is true for many purposes like payroll and benefits, temporary employees are still a part of the team on a day-to-day basis. Therefore, it is just as important to provide a positive work atmosphere for contractors as it is full-time staff. Fostering an environment of inclusion will not only increase the dependability of your contact employees, but also boost morale on a company-wide level. 

Seasonal Rehiring

Many companies hire contract employees during the same time every year. Take an accounting firm, for instance. There will always be a need for additional employees during tax season. Developing a good relationship and loyalty with temporary employees during that time will increase chances of rehiring the best performers the following year.


Although organizations may not invest the same amount of resources into a contractor as they would a full-time employee, there are inevitable costs beyond compensation for work performed. In addition to creating a good company culture and being able to choose from the best contractors, there is also money at stake when it comes to working to establish a relationship with temporary employees. Investing the time and effort in building loyalty will make turnover less likely and generate a return on the initial investment.  

There are many ways to create an inclusive atmosphere that promotes trust and loyalty with temporary employees. While it can range from a simple gesture like a thank you note or small gift for a shorter-term contractor to larger investments such as inclusion in your company’s incentive program, taking the time to show that you value temporary employees will be worth it to your organization in the long run.

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