What NOT to Say During a Job Interview

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You’ve landed the job interview you’ve been waiting for, and now it’s time effectively communicate your skills and let your personality shine. Nerves and preparation level can play a huge role in how well you perform during this process. While there are certainly many things you SHOULD say during your job interview, there are also some things you should absolutely avoid.

“I hate my job.”

Even if this is true, don’t say it. There are many valid reasons to look for new employment, but you should dig a little deeper when explaining why you are in the market for a different position. Instead of focusing on the negative aspect of your job, consider pinpointing exactly what you learned from it. This shows that you have the ability to learn from difficult situations and apply them to new positions.

Avoid Swear Words During a Job Interview

Never swear during a job interview. It demonstrates a lack of respect and can be incredibly offensive to the hiring manager. Speak respectfully and answer each question with care.

“What is the pay?”

You have every right to know what an employer is willing to pay you but wait until the job offer to discuss this point. As you work through the negotiations, you’ll have a better understanding if this position is going to pay what you want. However, speaking about it too soon can turn a potential employer off.

“Sorry, I’m late.”

Avoid arriving late to an interview. If your first words to a hiring manager are an apology about your tardiness, you can rest assured that you will not get the job. Show up on time and be prepared to answer questions that showcase your experience and skills.

“It’s on the resume.”

Your interviewer will likely ask questions that can be answered from your resume. Never tell them to find the answer themselves. They are trying to get a feel for your personality, and they want to hear directly from you about your skills and experience. This is also a great time to explain more about some of the things you have done and provide more insight than your resume.

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