Leveraging CRM to Enhance the Customer Experience

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When working in customer service, your organization’s customer relationship management (CRM) software should be your greatest asset and the glue holding your org together.  

A recent survey published by Deloitte shows that a common thread between the highest-growing organizations – those with 10% or higher annual revenue growth – is prioritizing the enhancement of the customer experience. They’re doing so by engaging all aspects of their organization – made possible through utilizing a CRM platform to synergize internally and externally, providing a quality experience for every customer. 

CRM is a digital software platform that gives you a 360-degree view of your customer by collecting data on all aspects of the customer experience, from the first point of contact with a business and contained through every future communication made. Since its inception, the tool has revolutionized the way organizations stay engaged with their customers and how smoothly operations flow by automating previously manual processes.  

But if you aren’t properly utilizing CRM, you’re missing out on an invaluable opportunity to drive business growth by improving the customer experience.  

We outlined a few key tactics you can implement to utilize CRM for better customer service.   

Take Advantage of New Communication Channels 

75% of customers expect to receive customer service help within five minutes, according to Salesforce. Perhaps the greatest benefit of CRM platforms in customer service is how simple it is for customers to reach a support team or vice versa. CRM connects customer service reps with customers within seconds via email, chatbox, social media, contact forms, and automated text messaging – a far stride from the days of only reaching customer service representatives via phone calls.   

Despite the increased prominence of automation in CRM, customers still want a balance of human interaction and automated processes.   

CRM platforms consist of various useful support and messaging features connecting customer service representatives with customers inquiring about business, assistance, or anything else. These improved communication channels allow you to respond to customer queries faster and share customer data with the rest of your support team when additional assistance is needed.  

Remember CX at Every Touchpoint 

Arguably, the most important part of CRM is the relationship, so a top priority for you should be taking care of every customer relationship, whether it occurs for a few minutes via chatbot or it develops into a recurring interaction that lasts over an extended period.  

According to PWC, one in three consumers says they would stop buying from an organization they love after one bad customer service experience. Once you’ve grasped the tools that allow you to communicate easily with customers, use them to check in on customers in a helpful and genuine way.  

Fostering meaningful interactions with customers can include responding to requests quickly and thoughtfully, checking back in on a past customer to ask about their experience with your company, or reaching out to potential customers through a new medium. CRM allows you to easily view all past interactions with each specific customer so you can learn common pain points and how to address them to ensure repeated business from your customers. 

Become an Expert in Your Organization’s CRM Platform 

CRM tools come in various forms, and software companies compete to get your organization to use theirs, such as Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, NetSuite, Agile, and HubSpot.  

Regardless of which CRM platform your organization utilizes, get familiar with it and make the most out of the tool. CRM software completely transformed the way businesses interact with their customers, but the impact won’t be effective if you aren’t knowledgeable about how your company’s CRM platform operates.  

Take the time to learn how your system’s operational features and ask for help when you need it – no matter how long you’ve been in your position, you can always learn more to improve customer service.  

How Addison Group Can Help 

As described by CRM.org, “Better customer interaction translates to more returning customers.” 

While working as a customer service representative, you are often a customer’s sole touchpoint with the organization for which you work, which likely occurs through CRM interactions. The quality of a customer’s interaction with you can determine whether they continue doing business with your company.  

Addison Group has years of expertise in filling customer service representative roles in a wide span of industries. Looking for individuals to make up a stellar customer service team? Reach out today

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