Five Advantages of a Staffing Firm – Honoring National Staffing Employee Week

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Addison Group Honors National Staffing Employee Week

This week marks National Staffing Employee Week, a week dedicated to celebrating the contributions of the core of America’s workforce: temporary and contract employees. To spread the word about why staffing firms are a necessity to the U.S. economy, I am happy to provide examples of the benefits staffing firms provide for job seekers.

One of the obvious advantages of a staffing firm is that it allows flexibility as potential employees can dictate when and where they’d like to work. The benefits extend far beyond providing flexibility and staffing firms can help candidates save time and expand resources throughout their entire job hunt.

1. Saves Time

Staffing firms have access to a wide array of jobs that are not available through traditional job searches, thereby expanding the options for candidates. But while there are more options, staffing firms take the work out for candidates and do the recruiting for them. Our recruiters are knowledgeable of the industries inside and out and have a great understanding of the current job market. We take the dirty work out for candidates and provide them direct access to jobs they would like. Instead of spending hours searching for jobs everyday, candidates can allocate their time to prepare for actual interviews.

2. Offers Insurance Benefits

Many times part-time or temporary workers will not receive insurance benefits. However, this is often not the case with staffing firms and many provide the option to temporary employees. Since temporary workers are typically employed by the staffing firm they are often eligible for traditional benefits through the firm including health insurance or retirement plans.

3. Allows for Flexibility

Candidates are exposed to a variety of opportunities throughout numerous companies. Temporary or contract positions can vary in length, daily hours, etc., allowing for a wide range of options. Candidates can decide what types of jobs fit their needs best and can arrange their work schedule to adequately reflect their requirements.

4. Bridge to Permanent Positions

A contract position provides the perfect opportunity for employers to give employees a test run before making the transition to full time. In addition, temporary positions allow employees the opportunity to get their foot in the door with a desirable corporation and get a feel for the company before making the commitment to a full time position.

5. Training Options

Staffing firms typically offer free training to their candidates. Whether it’s brushing up on Microsoft Office applications or advice on resume preparation, Addison is continually working to help candidates be their best. We want each and every candidate to be successful and prepared for their next job and by offering training services we’re helping boost knowledge and experience.

We’ve been a proud part of the staffing industry for almost 15 years. We know how important this workforce is to the economy and how important it is to recognize and celebrate everyone who is a part of it.

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