Fill Open Roles with These 3 Hiring Strategies

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A perfect storm is brewing in the recruiting industry – as the economy stabilizes, jobs are coming back, but few are applying for open positions, setting up a battle for talent. Economists and employers have been caught off guard, as a surge in vaccinations and reopening efforts were thought to boost the job market. But the latest jobs report confirms what recruiters already knew: the demand is outweighing the labor available.

Organizations need to set themselves apart in what has become a candidate-driven market. Regardless of what a company has to offer, its downfall in getting the talent in the door is taking too long to hire – which can be a costly mistake. There is a clear disconnect in what constitutes “too long”: 55% of candidates believe it should take between one to two weeks from interview to job offer; in reality, it takes an average of 23.7 days. And with a wide job pool, job seekers will move on if the going is slow.

Speed to hire can help you lock in top talent, especially when recruiting more passive candidates. Here are 3 ways to shorten the hiring process — without sacrificing quality:

Do Your Prep Work

Finding candidates begins with the job description, so don’t overlook it. Make sure it accurately reflects job responsibilities and the skills you need. If it doesn’t, you may attract candidates that don’t line up with your role, slowing down the hiring process. An unclear job description may also deter prospective candidates and leave your position vacant.

You also need to ensure everyone on your team is aligned on expectations to help the hiring process run smoothly. Check in with internal stakeholders — anyone that needs to approve the role, compensation, or be involved in the interview process — before you move forward with candidates. Compensation and benefits can be a differentiator for a candidate, so be aware of how much flexibility there is if a higher salary, additional perks, or benefits are requested. These conversations happen almost immediately and waiting days to discuss changes with management can be a deal-breaker for candidates, especially if they have another offer. Our Addison Group recruiters work with clients directly to collect all information upfront to make the hiring process fast and efficient and get jobs filled with ease.

Communicate Often

The key to hiring is all about timing and good communication, and it’s the organization’s job to make sure each step goes as efficiently as possible. The hiring manager or recruiter must stay in contact with the candidate throughout the process. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to stay involved even if there isn’t an update to share. The best recruiters will coach candidates throughout the process, scheduling calls before and after the interview to help them feel prepared and to debrief.

But it doesn’t end with the interview. While the hiring team is making final decisions and prepping offer letters, the candidate is left waiting or is actively exploring other opportunities. A lull in communication could result in the candidate assuming the company is not interested. Hiring managers should do their best to let the candidates know that they haven’t been forgotten. Do this by keeping them updated with where the team currently stands in the decision-making process or giving them a timeframe for when they can expect a decision. This will give the candidate peace of mind and may even factor into their ultimate decision if an offer is made. At Addison Group, our recruiters follow up regularly with the client and candidate to make sure both parties are engaged and updated throughout the process.

Act Fast

33% of bosses know within the first 90 seconds of an interview whether they will hire someone. And those who don’t will certainly know by the time they’ve interviewed at least a few candidates. Once you’ve identified your top candidate and nailed down salary and negotiations, it may be tempting to hold off until you’re sure you made the right decision. This may involve finding “just one more” person for comparison. However, this delay could result in not only losing the candidate’s interest but also affect current employees who may be taking on additional responsibilities to compensate for the open role. Come together quickly with your team after your interviews to debrief and compare notes. If needed, set aside dedicated time to come together and make a final decision and be confident when that decision is made. Your top candidate is waiting so if you have the right one, act fast.

Working with a staffing firm like Addison Group is the easiest way to get the top talent you need without the hassles of a drawn-out hiring process. Our nationwide network of highly qualified candidates allows us to find the right candidate for your open role. We pride ourselves on finding candidates who are right for your business and your culture, making sure “people first” is always top of mind. Ready to find the talent you need, fast? Reach out now.


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