Best of 2018: Bridgepoint’s 5 Most Popular Blog Posts


Contributed by Bridgepoint Consulting

Before we leave 2018 behind, we want to shine a spotlight on the blog posts that stood out the most to our readers this year. Here’s a wrap-up of the top 5 blogs you liked the most (based on page views). They cover topics ranging from ERP implementation and financial budgeting & reporting, to digital transformation. We’re looking forward to serving up more insightful and inspiring content in 2019.

  1. 3 Ways to Accelerate Your Business Through Digital Transformation 
    Digital transformation is real and happening now – and it is favoring emerging growth companies that can build from scratch and leverage the latest technology. Get it right and your business, however small or large, can benefit from newfound agility, increased efficiency, customer satisfaction and greater revenue streams. But completing a digital transformation project successfully isn’t always easy. Here’s a closer look at three ways to accelerate your business through digital transformation. Continue Reading
  2. Overcoming 5 Common FP&A Reporting Challenges with Institutional Investments 
    When a privately-owned company takes on an investment from institutional investors, their FP&A and accounting departments typically need to respond to new demands outside of their normal work flow, which can cause some unexpected hurdles. Here are five common challenges we’ve seen FP&A and accounting teams face both before and after closing the funding round. Continue Reading

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