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2018 Workplace Survey

In today’s candidate’s market, where there are more job openings to fill than there are qualified candidates, hiring managers have to up their game to stand out. Navigating a candidate-driven market means knowing how to stay competitive in a landscape where turnovers are high, compensation is steadily increasing and differentiation is crucial.

Addison Group surveyed more than 1,000 job seekers to see how much they understand about the candidate’s market and the impact to their job search, as well as how hiring professionals can succeed within a more challenging hiring landscape. The report breaks down how those looking for jobs right now interpret the candidate’s market and how job seekers continue to evolve as a result. Job seekers know they hold all the cards, and they are refusing to settle for less in their search for new career opportunities. To remain relevant and continue securing the best talent, companies need to reevaluate how they hire and retain candidates who are more savvy and confident than ever before.

The pressure is on for hiring managers to ditch their traditional approaches and make an effort to better understand what’s motivating job seekers, how that influences their expectations and how to leverage increased communication and new technologies to stand out.

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