Why Your LinkedIn Profile is Failing You

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By Shannon Vize, Content Strategist at Mondo, an Addison Group company

LinkedIn is the social media site you don’t pay much attention to until you need it to find your next job. Hate it or love it, the popular professional networking platform remains a top resource for job seekers and recruiters alike. Step up your job search by identifying why your LinkedIn profile is failing you and how you can utilize the latest LinkedIn features to change your job search outcome on the social platform.

New LinkedIn Features; Who Dis?

If it’s been a minute since you’ve logged in, you might not recognize the new and improved LinkedIn design. Sure, we all hate it when a website you use gets updated, and you have to re-learn how to navigate it and best use it (Or maybe that’s just me), but when it comes to LinkedIn, it’s worth it.

2017 has been a year of solid UX and functional updates to the list of LinkedIn features. While keeping tabs on updates for your social platforms doesn’t sound like fun, it is crucial to stay up-to-date on changes to the LinkedIn features so you can ensure the recruiters and hiring managers you are looking to attract can easily find your profile. And ensure that when they do, they are impressed by what they find.

So what’s new this year? LinkedIn has completely revamped their site design and made it easier for users to search across all categories, set up job alerts, understand who is viewing your profile and how they got there, explore connection histories, view and engage with content in your newsfeed, quickly reply to messages, and customize notification settings. Some of these changes may seem minor, but one or more of them is likely the culprit behind why your LinkedIn profile is failing to provide you with the job prospects you’re hoping to attract and find.

Why Your LinkedIn Inbox Has Dried Up

The LinkedIn inbox drought you are experiencing doesn’t have to be permanent. Check out the reasons below to find out why those recruiter messages have stopped coming in and why you’ve noticed a sudden drop in users viewing your profile.

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