Spring Forward on Your Job Search – Don’t Let Warm Weather Derail You

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Candidates, especially passive candidates, often ask if there is a better time of year to start a job search. With the warm weather approaching, it is natural for people to be a bit more relaxed in their approach to finding their next job opportunity.

If there is one thing I can tell you about a job search, timing is everything.

There is never a perfect time to conduct a job search. The job market is not bound by seasons.  An organization’s needs, rate of growth, and attrition all play a role when companies are hiring. These factors have nothing to do with the date on your calendar.   

You may ask yourself: Should I stay or should I go now? The only way to find your next opportunity is to keep your options open. When keeping your options open, it means no break for your job search. The economy is slowly making a comeback and compared to the last several years, things are starting to loosen up.

Instead of getting distracted by the warm weather, use it as an opportunity to do some “career spring-cleaning.”  Little things can pay dividends and better prepare you to continue your job search as the seasons change.

1. Write Your Goals Down

Most people don’t do enough life and career planning.  Where do you see yourself in three months, one year and beyond?  Visualize and map out how you will get there.  What types of roles should you shoot for to get you on that path?  Track the skills you need to meet those goals.  Writing it down is always more effective than keeping it tucked away in the back of your mind.

2. Update Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is now the de facto spot for recruiting teams to find candidates. They’ve grown into a $1B company in pretty short order and you need to make sure you are showcasing everything you’ve got where recruiters are hunting for talent. Use your LinkedIn profile to brand yourself as a high quality candidate.

3. Make a List of Target Companies 

Once you have your list of goals, this will lead you to think about the kind of companies you want to work for in your next role.  Make sure you check out glassdoor.com as well as the lists of “Best Places to Work” so you can get a read on what outsiders are saying about companies.

Remember, searching for your next career move is not easy and you can miss an opportunity if you aren’t cognizant of what will fit your needs.  Carve out a bit of time to get yourself prepared and push your job search ahead.

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