Highest-Paid IT & Development Jobs, Plus Tech Hiring Trends for 2023

With the exponential growth in tech over the years, more information technology (IT) & developer / engineering roles have been added as companies in every industry cope with the new digital economy.

Read through the below IT employment trends from our 2023 Workforce Planning & Salary Guide to understand what employees value most — plus learn the highest paid IT jobs by average national salaries.

Technology professionals raise the stakes on pay & flexibility

Today’s IT professionals are well aware of their value and therefore expect higher salaries and more flexibility.

Hiring cycles are shrinking, which means companies must act quickly to extend an offer if they find the right candidate for a role. Additionally, waiting for ideal “unicorn” candidates may pose a risk of losing out on those who are just as qualified.

As more businesses convert to fully remote or hybrid models, IT workers already understand that their work can be done from virtually anywhere at any time.

Technology will continue down a path of diversity

For years, the IT industry has been inherently diverse. Companies both large and small have hired and subcontracted with tech specialists from all over the world.

Outsourcing isn’t just a way for corporations to save money; it also gives workers a chance to learn about various cultures via communicating with their teammates abroad.

IT also continues to be a vastly male-dominated field. Recruiting females for IT roles is becoming a higher priority for every company, especially those employers emphasizing DE&I values within their culture.

Currently, only 24% of workers in computer science and IT environments are women — however we found that females graduating with STEM degrees rose by 183% in the past five years, making them eager, highly qualified candidates for IT roles.

Technology workers expect continual learning

As innovative technologies emerge and new cybersecurity issues arise, it’s vital for IT professionals to stay ahead of the game.

Companies that offer training on the latest tools, platforms, and systems will have an advantage over those that do not.

Most importantly, companies that reimburse the costs for these programs are more appealing to candidates.

91% of IT professionals have a desire to learn new skills, but many lean on support from their workplace to make it happen.

Upskilling is essential in IT, particularly when it comes to innovations in cloud computing, database management, networking, and application development.

Highest-Paid IT & Engineering Jobs, With Salaries

RoleNational Avg. Salary
VP IT$187,494
VP Engineering$182,984
Chief Information Officer$181,519
Vice President (VP) of Development$177,522
Chief Information Security Officer$167,112
IoT Consultant$155,774
Cloud Security Manager$144,421
BI Manager$142,842
QA Manager$140,759
DevSecOps Engineer$140,616
IT Manager$138,828
VP Infrastructure$134,872
Solutions Architect$133,872
Network Architect$133,160
Systems Engineer$132,227
C++ Professor$131,436
Data Scientist$130,350
Big Data Engineer$126,732
Data Engineer$126,732
Senior Salesforce Product Manager$126,129
Help Desk Manager$123,483
Help Desk Manager$123,483
Application Architect$121,339
Information Security Manager$119,924
Full Stack Software Engineer$118,912
Machine Learning Engineer$118,313
Data Architect$117,947
Cybersecurity Engineer$117,484
Cloud Engineer$116,292
Information Security Analyst$115,956
PeopleSoft Developer$115,525
SAP Programmer$115,463
DBA and Application Developer$114,833
Sharepoint Developer$113,511
Mulesoft Developer$112,261
Software Engineer$112,253
Salesforce and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems Administrator$111,984
Application Engineer$111,789
Python Engineer$111,752
Cloud Architect$111,618
DevOps Engineer$111,384

This article feature trends and salaries from Addison Group’s 2023 Workforce Planning & Salary Guide.

For more valuable insights and national averages of salaries across hundreds of roles in administration, digital marketing, finance, accounting, healthcare, human resources, and information technology, download your free copy today.

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