Career Fairs & Events

Our growth as an organization is unparalleled. Through our thorough and personalized outreach at university campuses, we add dozens of classes of new recruiters and business development managers every year.

Spring 2022 Campus Events

Santa Clara University Career Fair 1/19/2022 12PM-4PM PST Virtual
Penn State University Career Fair 1/24/2022 11AM-4PM EST In Person
University of Illinois Career Fair 2/2/2022 12PM-5PM CST In Person/Virtual
University of Texas, Austin Career Fair 2/2/2022 10AM-4PM CST Virtual
University of Alabama Sales Program 2/7/2022 Does not say. Virtual
Texas A&M University  Career Fair 2/8/2022 10AM-3PM CST In Person
James Madison University Career Fair 2/15/2022 11AM-3PM EST In Person
University of Oklahoma Career Fair 2/16/2022 12:30PM-4PM CST In Person
University of Delaware  Career Fair 2/16/2022 12PM-4:30PM Virtual
Oklahoma State University Career Fair 2/16/2022 12:30PM-4:30PM CST In Person
Texas Christian University Career Fair 2/16/2022 3PM-6PM CST In Person
Illinois State University Career Fair 2/18/2022 10AM-2PM CST In Person
Miami University of Ohio Career Fair 2/22/2022 1PM-5PM EST In Person
Arizona State University  Career Fair 2/22/2022 1PM-4PM MST In Person
University of Tennessee, Knoxville Career Fair 2/22/2022 2PM-6PM EST In Person
University of Alabama  Career Fair 2/23/2022 10AM – 3PM CST In Person
University of Massachusetts, Amherst Career Fair 2/23/2022 12PM-6PM EST Virtual
University of Arizona  Career Fair 2/24/2022 1PM-4PM MST In Person
University of Colorado, Denver Career Fair 2/24/2022 11AM-3PM MST Virtual
University of Illinois  Career Fair 4/7/2022 12PM-5PM CST Virtual
University of Colorado, Boulder Career Fair 4/13/2022 11AM-4PM MST In Person