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As a leading professional services firm specializing in talent solutions and consulting services, we focus on delivering the expertise and talent that businesses need to succeed.

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Whether you need specialized consultants for complex initiatives or a technology project delivered end-to-end with strategic guidance and change management, our companies can bridge critical gaps with highly experienced consultants and flexible services.

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Meet Addison Group’s consulting brands dedicated to providing industry leading solutions in technology, finance and accounting, and healthcare.

Why Consulting?

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  • Our consultants provide extensive knowledge in key areas for your business, providing support on the specific deliverables you need executed, saving internal resources to focus simultaneously on other areas needing focus. We all know one project does not happen at a singular time, you need to focus on your business, while our team focuses on getting you more successful internally.

  • Hiring can be challenging, especially in the current economic environment and finding the right individuals for your specific project is even more difficult. Bringing in an outside consultant provides fast access to someone who will hit the ground running and add immediate value.

    They can help you for as little or as long as you need without permanence. Consultants can be a quick solution that creates a low-risk, high-reward situation for an organization.

  • One of the unique benefits of being a consultant is the exposure to various industries and companies over a short time. Engaging a consultant to plan the approach and execute the task objectively can be a huge benefit.

    Consultants have seen many different organizational structures, industry-specific problems, project management, and problem-solving strategies that will help them recommend a solution you may not have considered without their unique viewpoint.

  • Consultants have a diverse background and breadth of experience, not only in various industries but also in work content.

    In many situations, as a consultant works on an initial project, they become more familiar with your organizational culture, team, and processes, allowing them to identify other areas that can be improved, streamlined, or automated.

  • The more people you know and the more extensive your network, the more successful you will be. Having a network of professionals in your field with diverse experiences, skillsets, and industry knowledge will add value to you as a professional and to the company.

    A good consultant will not only help your organization in the short term by completing the project but will also be a valuable resource to you in the future. Consultants can become champions for your organization!

Smart Male IT Programer Working on Desktop Computer. Software De

Innovation starts with the first step.

AIM Consulting is a national leader in IT consulting that helps companies compete effectively in the digital world, delivering end-to-end on business-critical projects with modern technologies and processes, including application development, cloud infrastructure, data & analytics, delivery leadership, and digital innovation.

Don't simply migrate to the Cloud. Transform your business.

ArcLight Consulting is a leader in Cloud implementation services. ArcLight Consulting has extensive expertise across the full suite of Oracle Cloud products and software, specializing in HCM integrations and change management.

Your challenges require unique solutions.

Leading national consulting firm providing advisory services that help organizations optimize financial operation and technology utilization while mitigating risks. From assistance with strategy, process improvement, technology or regulatory compliance, our experts create significant connections to bridge resource gaps, allowing companies to sustain and succeed at every stage of its life cycle.

Excel Spreadsheet stats graph analytics data. Accountant hands point financial Document Trading Information with excel file. Finance statistic report analyze business graph, chart, database, report

We’re much more than just financial consulting.

We are a professional services firm helping companies drive transformation and growth, one project at a time. Our team provides flexible, efficient, on-demand execution of your financial projects.

Full service accounting & finance solutions.

We are the preeminent accounting and financial solutions firm helping start-ups and Venture Capital companies grow. We believe that every business, at every stage of growth, is a story waiting to be told – and that all companies deserve to reach their full potential. By focusing on our core values and fostering trusted personal connections, we help our clients thrive confidently so they can share their stories with the world.

Asian senior video call with doctor telemedicine telehealth concept

Population health, reimbursement, and health information technology challenges solved

We recognize that the healthcare industry continually navigates significant shifts. The modern landscape needs solutions that support a smarter, more accessible, and value-based health system that benefits us all.

As a trusted partner to now over 300 clients and to over 500 consultants, we deliver expert consultants within reimbursement, population health, and health information technology across all care settings. These experts empower healthcare organization success, enhance clinical and financial outcomes, and enable the transition to value-based healthcare.

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Addison Group is an industry-leading professional services firm providing a full suite of consulting, staffing and executive search services nationwide through a network of regional companies.

Whether you need specialized talent for complex initiatives or a technology project delivered end-to-end with strategic guidance and change management, our companies can bridge critical gaps in resources with highly experienced consultants and flexible solutions.

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