Why Consider a Temp or Contract Position

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Many folks consider a temp or contract position as a step back in their career, but there are great advantages to taking on this kind of opportunity.  Because companies are more cautious about adding permanent staff, they see a temp or contract position as a way for both sides to get to know each other.

Whether you are looking for your next move in finance, IT, healthcare or an administrative role, don’t allow an overblown negative stigma dissuade you from jumping on a role with a great company–even if it’s a contract position.  Here are four things to consider giving you the confidence you need to make a move into a contract role:

1. Better Odds 

Because others may hold a negative impression of a temp or contract position, you can improve your odds by putting your hat in the ring.  Many job candidates are wary of taking a contract or temporary position, so they don’t even participate in the process. 

2. New Mode of Business

For better or for worse, contract roles are here to stay, as they are a way for companies to meet their business needs and find talent. With the high costs and complications of HR laws on the horizon, organizations will be more cautious in bringing on permanent staff.  However, if you play our cards right, you can turn this into an advantage.

3. Proof is in the Pudding 

When you are willing to engage in a contract or temp role you are showing your willingness to be flexible and the confidence you have in your skills.  If you know you can do the job, you have the chance to showcase your talent directly to the folks that matter.

4. Keeping Your Options Open

Many candidates are worried that they can’t continue to hunt for a permanent role when accepting a contract assignment, but there is no reason to put your job search on hold.  The company is leveraging flexibility and you should as well.  Of course, you should be professional and always give a proper notice – even on a temp role — but you shouldn’t stop working toward your own best interests.  However, don’t become complacent; take time to continue your search.

Take the opportunity that lies within contract and temporary positions.  Don’t let dated stigmas discourage you.  You have the unique chance to add skills to your resume, network within a new circle and continue to build your personal brand.  Plus, you never know: You might just get the job.

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