What to Wear: Remote Interview Edition

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We’ve all heard what not to wear to an interview.  Usually, you swap wearing jeans and sneakers for a matching suit set and nice shoes.  However, with remote hiring becoming the new normal due to COVID-19, the lines about what you should and shouldn’t wear have become fuzzy.  With this new way of hiring, people often wonder how these norms are changing.  Follow along for some of the common pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Common Remote Interview Wardrobe Pitfalls

According to Forbes, one of the biggest mistakes that interviewees make when interviewing through video conferencing channels is not completely dressing up for the interview.  Interviewees tend to dress business professional above the waist, and wear more comfortable bottoms that would not be appropriate for an interview.  You may be asking yourself, “Why does this matter?” The main reason is that you don’t know what could happen during an interview.  For example, you may have forgotten one of the materials you needed for the interview process and need to get up to get it or something may happen that causes your camera angle to move.  These problems may lead your potential employers to see that you were not completely dressed your best. How embarrassing!  Ultimately, a simple mistake like this one could potentially cost you that position. 

What to Wear for Your Remote Interview

1. Always Dress Business Professional

To avoid any mishaps, you must dress professionally head to toe.  This means dressing as if you were having a face-to-face interview with an employer.  This is the only way that ensures you will not reveal to potential employers that you did not completely dress your part for the interview.  This may sound like a bummer to fully dress up for a video interview, but there are benefits to doing this. According to Forbes, dressing up for a virtual interview can lead to psychological benefits and a confidence boost for your interview.  

2. Stick to Jewel Tones

According to Northeastern University, there is preference for certain colors since they show up better on camera since they prevent you from being washed out on camera. Jewel tones are exactly what they send like! Colors like amethyst, opal, emerald and ruby are all great choices.

3. Keep it modern 

Even though vintage styles sometimes can have a comeback, refrain from wearing suits with shoulder pads or suits with a plaid print on virtual interviews. Keep it modern by wearing suits in dark, neutral colors for a timeless look.

4. No Bed Head

It is tempting to keep your hair on the back burner when interviews are from your home and just simply push your hair back or put it in a messy bun.  However, you should still make sure that your hair has a clean and simple style that will not make you look like you have bed head.

5. Have Minimal Jewelry 

Don’t wear over-the-top jewelry you would wear outside of work for an interview.  For men, keep it timeless with a simple watch and for women, wear a small stud earring or a dainty necklace.  

We’ve previously shared some of these tips in our article “Getting a Job – Dress for Success”. For all of our expertise, read the entire blog here. Looking to make a move and schedule your next remote interview? Contact an Addison Group professional today!

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