What Makes Employees Head for the Hills?


It’s no secret that we are in a candidate’s market, but what does it take for today’s employees to make the choice to seek out new opportunities? While compensation is an obvious motivator, Addison Group’s most recent Workplace Survey reveals data points that today’s organizations should pay attention to.

While the survey reveals high job satisfaction levels, it is interesting to note that satisfaction alone is not a reason for today’s employees to remain loyal. While 72% of those surveyed reported being happy in their current role, 8 out of the 10 respondents reported being likely or very likely to job search after one bad day at work. While employers used to aim for employee retention, today’s market demands aiming for even higher than that, taking time to assess what causes those “bad days” at work that can cause employees to look elsewhere, and how to address issues before they occur.

Work culture is another huge indicator of happy employees, and companies who lose focus on maintaining a positive work environment risk losing out on talent to the competition. While cool perks like free lunches and ping pong tables are great, focusing on what really matters to your employees (career path/opportunities for growth, manager/staff relationships, meaningful work, work/life balance) are key components to maintaining a happy workforce.

Today’s organizations won’t necessarily be able to minimize total risk of losing employees in this highly competitive landscape, but those who focus on the factors that are within their control will be best positioned for talent retention.