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5 Things to Do When You Get A Job Offer

You perfected your resume, aced the interview and secured the job offer. Now what?

4 Tips to Landing Your First Job Right Out of College

The job market hasn’t fully bounced back and it’s still tough out there, so here are four tips to consider for landing your first job right out of college...

Job Hunting Myths – Common Advice to Ignore

As the job market continues to be tough and technology is increasing competitiveness the dos and don’ts of job searching are changing.

Resume Tips – Getting in the Front Door

The Resume: If done right, it’s your ticket in the door. If done wrong, you’ll never get in the door. Consider these tips below to help you develop a resume...

Resume Help: Q&A with HR Analyst Erin Osterhaus

Addison Group is excited to welcome Erin Osterhaus, HR Analyst, for a Q&A session on resume help. Erin provides advice on recruiting and talent management.

New Career Search? Time to Look in the Mirror

Step one to a new career search is looking in the mirror to find out what is important to you

Why Consider a Temp or Contract Position

Many folks consider a temp or contract position as a step back in their career, but there are great advantages to taking on this kind of opportunity.  Because companies are...

Spring Forward on Your Job Search – Don’t Let Warm Weather Derail You

Candidates, especially passive candidates, often ask if there is a better time of year to start a job search...

Getting a Job – Hazards of a Counter-Offer

A counter-offer from your current employer can be very flattering and your emotions may cause you to temporarily lose sight of the original objectives of your job change.  There is...

Getting a Job – Behavioral Interviewing

Behavioral Interviewing is relatively new style of interviewing that was developed in the 1970’s by industrial psychologists. Behavioral interviewing asserts that “the most accurate predictor of future performance is past...