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How (And How Not) to Use Social Media During the Job Search

Social media continues to be a main driver of networking in the professional world. Looking for ways to utilize these tools in your next job search? Here are some best practices for professional communication via social media.

Job Search – How to Tell When It’s Time to Start Looking

At one time or another, you probably have said to yourself, “I think it’s time that I start looking for a new job.” What were your reasons? Were they valid...

Company Culture – How to Tell What It’s Really Like to Work There

The job description fits you to a T, and the pay isn’t too bad either. But how do you really know if you’ll like the environment, people or company culture?...

Best Practices for Post Interview Thank You Notes

There are certain guidelines that will likely never go out of style. One of the most critical is sending follow up thank you notes

Creative Job Search Techniques

Use the phone book!  Cold call organizations in your desired field.  Fax resumes with the headline “In anticipation of your next office opportunity” Put up a “job wanted” ad on...

How to Manage Multiple Job Offers

Your interviewing has resulted in multiple job offers and you find yourself asking, “What do I do now?” You are in an enviable position. Most people would envy your dilemma....

How to Tailor Your Resume for the Job You Want

There are plenty of resources available to help job seekers with resumes; however, many of today’s applicants are making the same common mistake

Counter Offers – What You Need to Know

Congratulations! You’ve just accepted an offer for the job you’ve been chasing for months. You are excited and relieved, but you’re wondering how your boss is going to react when...

Summer Hiring Trends for Job Seekers

The end of summer can be beneficial to job seekers of all backgrounds, and gives way to September, one of the busiest hiring months of the year

Could a Temporary Job be the Right Choice for You?

A temporary job can be an excellent option for someone who isn’t working. Not convinced? Here are some of the benefits of contract work: