Showcase Your Employer Brand in a Candidate-Driven Market

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The economy is on the upswing and organizations are back to filling open roles. However, recruiters and hiring managers are facing a candidate-driven market with more jobs than qualified candidates available. Companies need to consider how to market their organization and culture to compete with organizations hiring for similar roles. Showcase your company and attract candidates by creating a strong employer brand: 75% of applicants consider a company’s overall brand before applying for a job, according to a LinkedIn survey.

So, what is employer branding? It’s all about how those outside of a company perceive the employee experience and culture at an organization. Improving employer brand leads to 50% more qualified applicants, a reduction in turnover and a more successful recruiting process.

Here are three key strategies for organizations to strengthen their employer brand during the hiring process to attract, retain and onboard candidates without losing them to other companies.

Encourage employee advocacy on all platforms

Companies can make an impression on candidates more easily than ever with social media. Aside from having an official company account on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, organizations can be further exposed to potential candidates by encouraging employee advocacy online.  

While it is useful for a company’s social media team to post about its culture, initiatives and people on an official account, it may be more impactful for a candidate when they see a current employee sharing their personal experience at the company. It’s important for a company to have a strong corporate brand to attract customers, but potential employees are seeking their new workplace and colleagues. They’re looking at a company’s reputation and culture as an employer, so hearing it directly and authentically from a current employee makes a difference – candidates trust employees three times more than the company to speak honestly about their experience working there.

Encourage your employees to interact with your company in a way that is visible to their networks – whether it’s reposting new openings on LinkedIn, commenting on posts or writing a review on Glassdoor or Indeed. Employees can also be organic storytellers for your company — they can share recent successes, stories of team comradery, or even photos with coworkers from company events or meetings. This will give future candidates a fuller picture of your organization, giving them an inside look at your culture.

Offer benefits that extend beyond the ordinary

About 60% of individuals said that benefits are a major factor in considering whether to accept a job offer, according to a 2015 Glassdoor survey. Corporate jobs often include a standard set of benefits for employees in their compensation package – medical and dental insurance coverage and 401(k) packages – so offering unique benefits in addition to the basics sets a company apart.

Among desired benefits are health and wellness programs or reimbursements, paid family leave, office amenities, assistance with commuter expenses and professional development programs. Some appealing benefits are low or no cost to an organization, such as the ability to work from home and more flexible hours. Review your organization’s benefits package through HR to check if additional perks can be included.

Many of today’s candidates are also looking to see what your organization is doing for others. If you have volunteer programs, community outreach or diversity and inclusion efforts, highlight those on your site and mention it to candidates. Many employees want to be part of something bigger than themselves and speaking to what your company does in these areas may play a key role in a candidate deciding to join your organization.

Be consistent and intentional with your organization’s brand 

Employer branding doesn’t start or end with the hiring process. It should be consistent among every aspect of the company – both in parts that are visible to candidates and those that are not. Employer brand is your organization’s story — it encompasses everything from the mission statement, to social media channels and websites, to its culture and beyond.

Prepared candidates will likely look up your organization online, so verify that all social media channels and websites are unified and professional in their branding. They should also highlight the work, goals and values of the company. Leverage employee advocacy to showcase authentic experiences about working at your company. Spotlight employees on your blog or gather testimonials for your website to highlight employee experiences throughout your site.

When thinking about your hiring process, ensure the language in every job description is reflective of the role’s responsibilities and the company culture. How are you showcasing your company in the position description? Is your language in accordance with the company or office atmosphere? Any interaction between someone at the company and an outsider should speak to the company’s values. It may be beneficial to host workshops or lunch and learns to teach all employees about the importance of showcasing your brand to help them understand the role they play and to help them speak confidently to candidates, customers and others.

Four-fifths of recruiting leaders worldwide are investing in employer brand. At Addison Group, we work with clients to understand their mission, culture, and values to find candidates that are a perfect match for their organizations. Looking for your next great teammate? Reach out today.

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