Networking Etiquette for Finance Officers

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In the finance and accounting field, technical skills will help you get noticed. But, knowing how to network and expand your professional circles can put you a step ahead of the competition and open doors for your accounting career. With that in mind, it is beneficial to learn the ins-and-outs of networking etiquette.

Put Yourself Out There

The number one thing you must do is make yourself known. This means putting yourself on as many online platforms that you can commit to. Start LinkedIn and Twitter accounts and be prepared to put in the effort of marketing yourself regularly. Your profile may help to introduce you to like-minded people, but it won’t automatically mean a job. It’ll be up to you to foster those connections.

Don’t Over Do It

There’s a difference between trying and trying too hard. Becoming a pushy networker is considered bad networking etiquette and can turn people off. Don’t make a habit of only reaching out to people when you need something from them. Instead, strengthen that relationship by offering help or just checking in with them from time to time. This will create a stronger dynamic, and people will remember you for opportunities in the future.

Network in Your Office

Don’t overlook the value of networking in your workplace. Even if you are an introvert, make an effort to connect professionally with others in your company. When coworkers move-on they may end up someplace where you would like to be. If so, they could let you know about opportunities.

Networking Etiquette Overview

Networking is a bit of an art form. Put your effort into networking with people, and you will make the connections that you need to move forward. It’s not a race or a magic potion, but if done properly, you can achieve your goals and work with some really exceptional people in the finance field. Over time, you will build a long-lasting relationship with the leaders of the finance industry—that is certainly worth it! 

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