Management Tricks to Make You More Likable

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The way an employee feels about management not only impacts whether or not they stay with a company long-term, but it can also influence morale and day-to-day productivity. If you want the most out of your employees, then it’s time you start investing in that relationship. Check out the following management tricks:

Adapt Your Management Style

Not every employee responds well to a particular managerial style. It’s important to get to know the employees and how they work best. Just as you would ask your employees to perform specific tasks, you should also listen to what they ask of you, too.

Be Transparent

The “because I said so” approach to managing is a dead tactic. Instead, try to be as open and honest as you can about why you implement certain policies or why changes are being made. Employees respect a manager when they can understand their thought process more clearly.

Resist Micro Managing

When a boss gets in the habit of constantly interfering with their employee’s process, then you inadvertently create a child/parent relationship. Resist the urge to micromanage and simply delegate tasks and wait for results. Focus on handling issues as they arise instead of looking for ways to avoid them. It’s not effective, and it tells your employees that you don’t trust or respect them.

Have an Open-Door Policy

Employees respond best to managers that want to hear from them. An open-door policy lets employees know that they can come to you if there’s an issue without having to worry about the red tape. Listening to your employees’ concerns can go a long way in helping you develop better procedures moving forward. All in all, it could help you identify weak points and adjust your processes accordingly.


A manager’s attitude can undoubtedly impact the workplace. If you want your employees to respect and genuinely like you, then you must ensure that you are displaying strong leadership and quality communication skills. Ultimately, this will influence whether or not your company succeeds.

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