How to Prevent Yourself from Feeling Job Burnout

Businessmen are stressed with work in the office.

At some point, everyone suffers from burnout. According to Forbes, 70% of employees felt burnout at work in 2021. 

Whether it was a stressful week at the office or personal causes, burnout can lead to a lack of motivation and a lack of productivity towards your work that can cause harm to your job.

Read along to learn the ways you can prevent yourself from experiencing burnout and what to do if you find yourself suffering from burnout.  

What is job burnout?

Job burnout is a specific type of work-related stress which can cause both emotional and physical exhaustion which can directly effect both your professional and personal lives.

7 Simple Ways You Can Prevent Burnout

  1. Take some time for yourself

This is important since sometimes you may need a breather throughout your day or when you go home. Take a moment away from your desk to just have a small change of scenery in your work day and take a breath.

As well, when you leave work you don’t take your work home with you, if you can. If you must take it home, set clear boundaries.

  1. Also, know when to take time for yourself

This is just as important as taking time for yourself. Recognizing when you need to take a moment can be beneficial for your mental health and can help prevent or mitigate the effects of burnout or at least lessen them. 

  1. Take a hike

Taking a moment to put yourself in nature can help prevent and alleviate the symptoms of burnout. Employees finding themselves in nature can actually lead them to be more relaxed and become more productive once they are back in the office. 

  1. Practice self-care

This is the most important part of combating burnout. Taking the time to check in with yourself and do some of the things that relax you are important and key to helping reduce the effect of burnout.

Take some time to reevaluate what you like to do or have not done in a while. This can range from reading a book, gardening, going on a run, or pretty much whatever makes you happy!

  1. Switch up with what you do at work

Sometimes the things we do on a day to day basis can become redundant and we might just simply become bored with the work we are doing.

This is why changing up the tasks can be beneficial to combating burnout since everyday is not like the day before. Mixing up your routine is an easy way to make things feel fresh.

  1. Take some time off from work

Sometimes we feel burnout since it feels like we haven’t had a breather from work in a while and it may become overwhelming.  Scheduling some time off from work can give that much needed breather that will have you coming back to work stronger and more productive than before.

  1. Take a vacation

One of the ways to combat burnout is taking a vacation.  Some people may choose to not use this option because they feel that they will miss too much work and feel overwhelmed when they come back.  However, vacations can help employees become more productive once they are back in the office.

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