In-Demand Digital Marketing Roles with Salaries for 2023

People are more connected than ever at home and work. This has led to modern marketing tools and platforms as well as growing roles like SEO specialists, with 59% of organizations adding teams dedicated to the discipline.

As digital marketing leaders grow their teams, they need to offer what the best-equipped candidates are seeking.

What today’s digital marketers want at work

Today, digital marketers most value higher salaries and workplace flexibility. Employers need to allow marketers to choose the schedules that fit their needs as well as the ability to work from anywhere.

In fact, there has been a 650% increase in searches for hybrid jobs and a 174% increase in searches for remote jobs in 2022.

Looking at our 2023 Workforce Planning & Salary Guide, here are the highest-paid digital marketing jobs, based on national average salary.

Highest-Paid Digital Marketing Jobs, With Salaries

RoleNational Avg. Salary
Digital Marketing Manager$117,063
Director of eCommerce Systems$115,315
Business Intelligence Analyst$102,567
SEO Specialsit$101,319
UI Designer$89,360
UX Designer$89,360
Technical Writer$89,254
Web Developer$85,757
Content Manager$82,385
Data Analyst$77,869
Digital Marketing Analyst$73,971
Social Media Manager$73,429
Email Marketing Specialist$72,473

Digital marketing: the gap narrows between hard and soft skills

To be a successful marketer, one must be an excellent communicator, a creative thinker, a collaborative team player, and an expert multitasker.

As more digital marketers work remotely, acquiring and exercising these soft skills is crucial. Employers recognize that hard skills — including those involving the technical knowledge required to perform one’s job — can be taught and learned over time.

Unfortunately, remote and hybrid work models have been shown to diminish many workers’ soft skills, particularly when it comes to communication and teamwork. As a result, employers are seeking candidates who exhibit both skill types effectively

Marketing your company’s culture is vital

A positive workplace culture builds employee productivity and satisfaction. Nonetheless, building a solid culture, especially in a remote environment, has become a major challenge.

For digital marketers, people have always been a key focus, so it simply makes sense for employers to prioritize the overall well-being of industry professionals.

Creating and promoting a flexible, welcoming, synergetic, fun environment — even if staff members are working from various locations — is essential for companies to attract and retain quality talent.

Employees who feel cared about at work are 3.2 times more likely to be happy at their job and 3.7 times more likely to recommend their workplace to other jobseekers.

This article feature trends from Addison Group’s 2023 Workforce Planning & Salary Guide.

For more valuable insights and national averages of salaries across hundreds of roles in administration, digital marketing, finance, accounting, healthcare, human resources, and information technology, download your free copy today.

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